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Here we have another excellent bsp-editing job by |OCG|=gLiTcH=. This work makes it possible for servers to run Kharkov on the gametype Bas...


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Here we have another excellent bsp-editing job by |OCG|=gLiTcH=. This work makes it possible for servers to run Kharkov on the gametype Base Assault! Check out the screenshots, and have fun! ;)

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Map: Kharkov_Bas_Beta (base assault only)
CoDUO 1.51


Map Modifications By:

What's this?

This project was not a bsp to map and back. This was a straight
edit of the bsp file, just for clarification. I take not one piece
of credit for this brilliant map, though I will take some for the
painstaking modding work that I put into it. Trust me, this wasn't
easy. Hope you all enjoy!

This is a heavily modded version of the stock UO map Kharkov.
This version of the map will only support base assault, all
other gametypes have been stripped out due to entitly limitations.
If you want to play CTF or whatever, use the stock map for that,
the two maps together will not conflict, Krarkov_Bas is a new breed.
Nothing in the map has been changed and the layout is the same
except for needed things to add base assault.

Limitations of the map?

There are some limitations that can't be changed due to not having
the source of the original map. Bases function as they should except,
they have been clipped and are not accessible. Bombs must be planted 
on the exterior of the bases. Other than that the gameplay is the same.


I managed to get useable flaks into the map along with collision
clipping. I've also wrote a custom destroyable flak script a while 
back for custom maps that I used with this map. The script included
within the pk3 (glitch_flaks_v2) is the newest revised version of
the script, fully debugged and good to go. If you'd like to use the
script with your custom map, instructions and usage are within the
script. For a test map and example bsp of the script in action...
go here:

If you'd like to set different amounts of health or respawn times,
the settings are outlined within the script.
Default for this map is....
script_health = 5000 (about 8 light tank hits)
delay = 15 (15 seconds burn time)
wait_time = 180 (3 minutes before respawning)


Yup. 1 heavy per side, X amount of light tanks and jeeps.
I moved many of them to better locations and added a few.

Mod Support?

Dunno, we'll wait and see. 

Tools used?

Pots of Coffee
Scorps CoDBsp Editor
Packs of Smokes

Keep in mind this is still in a beta state and is really for testing
purposes. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please post
them in our forums at ,preferably under
a single topic. Any info you give will help to get the final out
sooner. Look forward for the final release real soon.

I probably forgot some stuff here in the readme,so bare with it.
Updated readme, greets and thanks will come with the final. Enjoy!


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