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Here's a pretty intense new CoDUO multi-player mod by MannVonPanZer, a mod he calls the Kommando Sniper Mod. There's a plethora of...


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Here's a pretty intense new CoDUO multi-player mod by [SSoM]MannVonPanZer, a mod he calls the Kommando Sniper Mod. There's a plethora of attractive features, though, in addition to the centerpoint snipers-only gameplay: we're talking heavily modded sniper rifles (one silenced, one powerful bolt-action, and one weak semi-auto rifle) with new skins, knives in place of satchel charges, SWAT grenades, and much, much more. ;) Just take a look at the ReadMe below for an idea of what this mod has to offer, check out the screenshots, and download the Kommando Sniper Mod today!


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Download 'kommando06.zip' (2.37MB)

Kommando Sniper Mod for UO By [SSoM]MannVonPanZer (me)

Kommando (intentionally mispelled) is a sniper mod ive been working on since september. it features 3 primary sniper rifles (i silenced, one singe shot and powerful and one weak and semi) it also features knifes in place of satchels and you get 5 extra per rank, which makes for fun knife fights betrween the staff seargents, and a cow spotted pistol (dont ask why, it was in my head at the time) it is currentley at version 0f (0.6) and i will be working on it more in the future. please give me feedback at zzxzzzkzz at AIM dot com

to install: unzip into call of duty/ssom_kommando and enjoy!

credits: SWAT for their great grenade, MIA rifles server for thier knife mod, that generic modern mod that everyone plays for the scopes and the springfield skin.

if i have infringed any agreements (dispite my attempts to prevent this) please contact me and i will remove the offending object at once!

known bugs: dosnt work on behind enemy lines correctley. i have absolutley no idea why.
also it conflicts with the generic modern mod currentley popular on many servers.

Verson 0a

Added the Awesome main menu
Added Kommando Sniper Rifle (KSR)
Added modern skin
Set KSR scope to Russian
Set KSR silenced noise
Set KSR clip size to 10
Added mooing Colt .45
Added moo sounds for Colt .45 
Set moo Colt .45 as only sidearm (temp)
Added Knife (toggle with Smoke nade, temp)
Fixed bug with Knife having same ammo as Smoke nade (throwning a knife depleted your smoke nades)
Apperently didnt fix... :*( will try in using moo Colt .45
Using the moo Colt .45 makes u invisible?! LOL!
Version 0b

Added ModernWeapons Scope
Switched Knife to Satchel slot
Fixed pistol glitch but changed name back to "Colt .45"
Version 0c

All teams have same nades (M2 Frag)
Cow Skin for Colt .45 (TY Kidd!)
Fixed name on Cow Pistol
Version 0d

Added 2 new rifles:
KAR 908K: 98KSniper with new sound and very high power
SVDM-04PCH: Semi Mosin Sniper, new sound, 10 round clip (loads in 5 round intervals) and weaker
Reduced KSR clip size to 3 and reduced power moderatly
Added M68 Frag model for grenades (from SWAT mod, TY SWAT good model!)
Changed KSR name to "Kommando Silenced Sniper"
Dropped Max Ammo down to 90 and starting ammo to 60
Added 2 new scopes
Switched around scopes (old kommando scope is for SVDM)
Fixed menus so they displayed proper weapon names
Version 0e

Fixed menus so they displayed proper weapon pictures and discriptions
Removed Enfield Option on weapons menu
Strengthend 908K even more
Dropped 908K clipsize to 1
fixed grenade name (Now called "M68 Fragmentation Grenade")
908K Starts with more ammo
Version 0f

Switched Silenced cow pistol to "Cow .45"
Fixed bug where russians dont spawn with pistols or grenades
Fixed typo in Kar 908K weapon decription 
Fixed Cow .45 and SVDM muteness problems by switching soundaliases

you can do whatever as long as you give me credit somewhere. no pulling a talley on me!

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