Here we have version 1.1 of the great muti-gametype map Kriegstadt! The map supports DM - TDM - SD - RE - BEL - HQ and works with both CoD a...


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Here we have version 1.1 of the great muti-gametype map Kriegstadt! The map supports DM - TDM - SD - RE - BEL - HQ and works with both CoD and UO. It is a large map with 20+ recommended and plays well in all of the supported gametypes. The map does have a few large swastikas but nothing over the top. A great all round map thats a worthy download, Grab it now and go check it out ingame yourself :D

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I. mp_kriegstadt readme
Map name: mp_kriegstadt
Map creator: EvilHobo
Version: v1.1 (NOT A FINAL)
Contact Information:
Supported gametypes: dm tdm sd re bel hq
Supported games: Call of Duty AND Call of Duty: United Offensive (With v1.0 some people failed to realize it was for Call of Duty as well)
Map Size: Large. 20+ players recommended.

II. Installation Instructions:
Place the mp_kriegstadt.pk3 in your Call of Duty Main folder, example:
C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\Main

If you have the Game of the Year Edition, place in to:
C:\Program Files\Call of Duty Game of the Year Edition\Main

III. Includes the following imports from United Offensive,
making them compatible with Call of Duty [Standard]

-Models: Soviet iL-2 Dive Bombers, various foliage from Trenches, Benches from Ponyri
-Textures: Dirt textures from Kursk (3), Kharkov streets, crater decals, tunnel lettering decals.
-Sounds: Squadron flyover sounds for the iL-2s
-Effects: Tank burning effect for the field.

IV. Known Issues:
-Sometimes, you will hear artillery fall and strike, but not see it.
-Fire in the main hall of the domed building reaches to the floor above. 
-Small texture leaks in some areas.
-If you find something you aren't pleased with, don't grumble amongst it with your forum buddies. Tell me so I can change it.

V. Changes/Edits from v1.0 to v1.1
-Added small destroyed bunker in the field.
-Added two new accessways to bunker complex: elevator in the Panzer Garage, and tunnel extending from the cellar of the Nazi HQ.
-Addtional cover added in some areas.
-Increased the height of some rubble mounds
-More paths to bombsite/more points to advance added
-Some windows have been opened, others closed, so as to reduce sniper concentration.
-Players can no longer become stuck in the handrails of the spiral staircases.
-Appropriate clip brushes and minefields added to stop players from getting where they weren't meant to.
-Made the roof of the wing extensions of the domed hall inaccessible (sniper reduction)
-Beer Hall now contains beer
-Flak Gun in S&D now destructible
-S&D and RE spawns moved closer to city; Allied players spawn in trucks (after all, you are little Soviet conscripts)
-Dead commies in the field. Clipped so you can't hide inside of them, and also so you can take note of rudely stepping on them.

VI. Credits and Thanks
-Essentially everyone at who put up a tutorial for Call of Duty. If you made them, you might see
elements of your work in my map (and though I don't like to say it, a great deal of gsc. I altered them, naturally,
but the format is similar).
-Individuals at MODSonline who provided prefabricated structures (as is the case with scripts, I used some, but
altered them, like the pillboxes).
-My friends who assisted in providing critiques of screenshots and special thanks to one (Armadni General) for hosting the pk3 for download on his website.
-The Battle for Europe Mapping Council

VII. Copyright & Permissions (Legal Stuff)
All original and composed textures in this level remain property of
the sources respective owners. You MAY NOT distribute this map for a price, 
nor alter the contents of the .pk3 without the authors written consent. 

*Copyright 2000 - 2005

NOTE: mp_kriegstadt should only be found hosted on,, and 
If you wish to put this .pk3 on your site, or if you see this .pk3 on a site other than those listed, please send an e-mail to

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