This one is really interesting! Many of you might know of the MOH: Spearhead map Malta; I personally loved that one when I played the game....


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This one is really interesting! Many of you might know of the MOH: Spearhead map Malta; I personally loved that one when I played the game. Anyway, this is not a simple conversion to CODUO, no. The author, <[OneX]>Snowman1944, says he actually rebuilt the map from scratch, brush by brush, from 1006 screenshots of the original! I must say, it definitely looks very nice. ;) Check out the screens for yourself, and download this excellent map now! :)

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Download '' (2.57MB)

Installation Instructions:

Extract mp_uo_malta.pk3 to your "UO" game directory (in C:\Program Files\Call Of Duty is default).


Map Information:

This is NOT my first map, but my first fully completed & publicly released one.  "Malta", is based on the Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead map "Malta" with a few add-ons to make it more sniper friendly. Make no mistake, this is NOT a "conversion" of the Spearhead map.  This was built from scratch, brush by brush, by me, based on the 1006 total screenshots I took from the Spearhead original. Many months was spent on making this map as close to the original as possible. I hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I did making it. :)

NOTE: This map is for UO only! While it will work in regular COD, some of the textures and models will not appear properly.



Built in no-cross mod especially for sniper servers.

Built in anti-shark mod makes sharking virtually impossible.

Sniper pick-ups throughout the map enable you to choose your favorite rifle to get the job done.
*Available sniper rifles are Mosin Nagant, Kar98k, and Springfield '03

Health pick-ups located throughout map help you stay at the top of your game.


Hidden Rooms(?)

Yes, there ARE hidden rooms.  Two of them to be precise.  One will be fairly easy to find and the other, well, you might be looking a while before you discover it. :) If you do, you will be rewarded with some free goodies. :D Happy Hunting!


Known Issues:

There are some lighting issues within the map, nothing major, just a few things here and there.  Tried to have them fixed for final compile but was unable to locate the problems behind them.

Find a bug? Let me know about it!

E-Mail: onex_snowman at


Important Notes:

This map was developed and compiled by <[OneX]>Snowman1944 for Public and personal use.  This map may be distributed freely and without charge provided this readme accompanies it.


Contact me at onex_snowman at


Kudos & Thanks

I would like to thank all of the <[OneX]> Alliance for their continued support throughout the creation of this map.  For without all of them, this never would have been possible. Special thanks to <[OneX]>Cpt. Canuck for the idea of making this map, <[OneX]>Obiwan for his help with several aspects of the map, and <[OneX]>Soulseeker for the AWESOME loading screen! :)

And last but definitely not least, thanks to all of you out there for downloading and playing this map! Have fun! :)


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