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Here is a crazy go nuts mod for those of you who do not aim for realism. Almost all the weapons, even the artillery has been changed. Increa...


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Here is a crazy go nuts mod for those of you who do not aim for realism. Almost all the weapons, even the artillery has been changed. Increased rate of fire, increased zoom, different firing effects, just look at the read me below for all the info. So if your in the mood to just go around on a crazy gun fight, then this is the mod for you.


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make a folder named milkmodv4 and put it in call of duty folder
put milkmodv4 in the milkmodv4 folder
Delete milkmodv4 folder from call of duty folder
delete  mods from main folder uo folder all othere mod folders in call of duty folder do not delete milkmodv1
go into coduo then hit mods button select milkmodv1
then create game and choose a map hit start
is NOT allowed 
guns listed are edited
Carbine Attack
 Mp40 Attack
Svt40 Attack
Enfield Attack 
 High Intake Flamer
  Scoped MG
Mauser Shotgun 
  Low recoil MG   
 Bren lmg on the move 
1 SHOT anti tank
 30cal mobile 
  mg42 mobile
 db28 defence
  sten mk2
  4 shot anti tank
  advanced M1
  kar98k semi 
  russian sniper  
 webly shotgun  
2 shot anti tank   
  auto colt 11
  long range sniper 
 rabid fire tt33 
brit nade
suicide bomb
 m2 frag 2 secs 
stick nade 10 secs 
rgd nade 5 secs
  recoiless anti tank gun lugar
 tank turrets 
mp44 launcher
bar rockets
thompson fire
ppsh rapid fire
6 artillery modes
smoke artillery
light artillery
heavy artillery
nuke artillery
mega strike artillery
microwave field artillery
Carbine attack has 24 rounds takes 3-4 to kill good at low-medium range
mp40 attack has slower fire rate but higher zoom sgood at medium_low range
svt40 attack has 33 rounds higher zoom high blow back 1 of the best guns for low range
enfield attack has 150 small pellets doing 6.5 damage each insane blow back long reload but is the best close range weapon at medium or higher range is very ineffictive
high intake flamer shoots its gas out at reg speed but kills in a flash
bar shoots 3 rockets has he and ap mode
bar  ap mode is good for killing jeeps
bar he mode is good for killing men
mp44 launcher shoots explosives
mp44 nades shoots rapid fire german nades that are good for killing men
mp44 satchel shoots 3 satchel charges that are good for killing tanks
thompson fire sprays high damageing fire that kills men almost instantly
thompson fires gas release mod gets rid of all ammo fast good if going to swap for something
ppsh rapid fire shoots very fast
ppsh smoke shoots a smoke nade every 7 secs 
microwave field 1min makes a silent noiseless field that kills men in a large area and lasts 1 min
mega strike rapid fire lots of small explosives in a small area good for attacking non moveing targets
nuke kills all in a wide area is good for killing enemy bunkers in bas gametype
smoke artillery makes lots of smoke  and flares appear in a area makes a smoke screen
light artillery bombards a area with medium bombs good for killing enemy spawns
heavy artillery releases 10 heavy bombs over a wide area good for killing trenches
scoped mg has a low zoom  and takes 3 shots to kill but low reload rate
30cal mobile has 60 high damgeing rounds but lower fire rate
advanced m1 does more damage reload reduced by 0.6 secs and the faster u click the faster it fire
auto colt 11 has 17  fast firing rounds but takes 6-8 to kill
m2 frag kills close by people but has smaller blast
50 cal jeep is now a recoiless anti jeep gun
mauser shotgun is deadly at low - medium range and can kill 3 enemys in 1 shot
mg42 mobile is a rapid fire deployable
kar98k semi is very good at long range
long range sniper is perfect for very far away enemys
stick nade has big blasd and high damage
100 cal lugar kills in 1 shot
low recoil me is eazy to shoot and is good at medium range
db28 defence is a good deployable and kills in a few shots can be used at longer ranges than normal mgs
russian sniper is a good longrange weapon
rapid fire tt33 is a very good close range weapon
rgd nade can not kill but heavyly damages large blast
bren mk1 is a good low to high range weapon
sten mk2 kills in 2 shots and is best medium range weapon but slower fire rate makes it bad in close range
webly shotgun is good at very close range
1 shot anti tanks small size gives the user the ablity to carry 2 other guns
4 shot anti tank is a more zoomed in weapon good for killing jeeps
2 shot anti tank is good for killing tanks
suicide bomb has a wide blast and fast mobilty good for killing heavy tanks and  bunkers in bas game type and good for bombing of spawns
Fg42 has 50 rapid fire damaging rounds and after 15 shots it gets low recoil
tank turrets
damage 400
firerate 2 secs
damage 1600
firerate 8 secs
damage 800
firerate 4
firerate low-medium
damage medium-high
damage very-high
firerate very-low
firerate 5 secs
damage 1634
jjm3 AT bellsouth DOTcom

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