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Here's the third installment of the weapon realism mod for CODUO by _SMoKI. If you want information, take a look at the ReadMe. It's...


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Here's the third installment of the weapon realism mod for CODUO by [AFK]_SMoKI. If you want information, take a look at the ReadMe. It's got everything you could ever need to know. ;)

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** AFK_UO_Weap_Mod_1.51_cross_afkv8 ** 
** v8 - greasegun moved to american ** 

From the AFK clan comes the United Offensive realism Modification (multiplayer only). This has been based around the MPSH realism mod tweaked a little by myself with plenty of extra goodies! and has been added to the AFK servers and is a proven hit!. The tweaks and changes made for this mod are highlighted in red/** and are only available in this version of the mod. I have also managed to rectify a few bugs found in the original version of this mod, such as changeing weapons in the menu option for the Russians and the British. Credit goes to MPSH for originally making the basic structure for this mod, and FKClan for the grease gun and spawn protection scripts. I changed certain aspects of the original mod purely through request and its seemed MPSH had stopped further development of it, Enjoy. 

V3 Features include; 

.Extra weapon selections to weapons menu; 
- ** Sten & Silenced Sten Mk II (including picture) added to the British weapons selection ** 
- M1A1 Bazooka added to US and British weapons menu. 
- Panzer rockets added to German and Russians weapon menu. 
- Flamethrower added to Russians weapons menu. This also has increased damage and effective range (worth using now) 
- FG42 added to German weapons menu. 

.Individual weapon/player movement speed adjustments. 
.HipSpread,kick,yawpitch fixes to help improve weapon accuracy on all weapons. 
.Weapon firerates adjusted 
.Projectiles-rockets adjusted speed & damage radius. includes tanks. 
.Heavy machine guns/turrets have been adjusted. 
.Weapons min & max effective distance of weapons all have been adjusted. 
.Weapon/bullet damage have been adjusted according to type of weapon. 
.Rifles have been adjusted to be more accurate and strong. 
**.weapons carry upto a max of 3 grenades.** 
**.weapons carry upto a max of 3 smoke nades ** 
.grenades/smoke nades speed/distance,radius damage have been adjusted. 
.Reduced the heavy "sway" effect on all sniper rifles (includes fg42) while player is idle or looking thru scope. (little sway in standing position, very mild sway in crouch and no sway movement while in prone) 
.Artilery strikes are now more accurate and swift when executed with less area spread now more isolated on targeted area. 
.New improved HipSpread,viewkick,yawpitch tweaks on smgs,mgs,handguns & fg42. 
.Tanks increased the effective damage and timing between artilery rounds a bit faster from previous. 
.Increased tanks driving speed. 
.little speed increase in panzerfaust rocket 
.decreased the damage radius from satchel charges a bit. 
**.white cross - This realism version uses the in game "white cross" type reticle crosshair ** 

V4 Changes; 

**.added the MPSH GS-series fixed power telescope sight for all sniper rifles tailored for accuracy & reliablity, includes ** 
- Increased diameter wide view lens with red dot reticle sight & crosshairs for Instant target acquisition 

V5 Changes; 

**.added Blood Fx mod for UO from includes;** 
- Enhanced blood "puff" effect when players get hit. 
- Chunky gibs will randomly fall to the ground and leave blood stains. 
- Blood stains and blood particles will behave accordingly to the direction of the impact 
- bloodFX coded to created unique & random blood stains each time!! 

V6 Changes; 

- ** Fixed script runtime error for silenced sten ** 

V7 Changes; - Taken and modified from the FK UO Waffen Mod 

- ** added greasegun to german weapons selection ** 
- ** modified HipSpread,kick,yawpitch to grease gun for better accuracy ** 
- ** modified HipSpread,kick,yawpitch to bar_mp (slightly more kick back) and bar_slow_mp (less kick back) ** 
- ** added and modified spawn protection to all stock gametypes. Can be deactivated after 3 seconds, melee or attack (required server side only)** 

V8 Changes; 

- ** moved greasegun to american weapons selection ** 
- ** changed greasegun weapon defination to american ** 

Weapon Cvars for server cfg 

set scr_allow_sten_silenced "1" 
set scr_allow_greaser "1" 

***This main part of this mod is also required client side to use for some of the features to work*** 


Server and client side 

Add zzZ-AFK_UO_Weap_Mod_1.51_cross_afkv8.pk3 to your CoD/UO folder. It may be advisable to remove any other mods or previous versions you have running on your system. 

Server side only 

Add user_svr_spawn_afk.pk3 to your CoD/UO folder, 

AFK Servers 

Server 1 AFK KiLLJoY 'More Off3nsive' IP 
Server 2 AFK KiLLJoY 'On the Off3nsive' IP 

Also visit the afkclan @ 


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