November Outpost

Here's still another CoDUO multi-player map for today, again by a different author -- Musashi, this time. The map has its own unique...


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Here's still another CoDUO multi-player map for today, again by a different author -- Musashi, this time. The map has its own unique style, too, that separates it from the others recently released. It's a winter map that can handle up to 20 players on DM, TDM, SD, and CTF, and it uses the British for the first time in a while for the custom maps in our database here at CoDFiles. :) It's a cute little map and reminds me quite a bit of CoD's "Rocket" (one of my favorites), so perhaps you'll like it as well! Check out the screenshot below to get a glimpse of this map, and download it today!

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Title           : NOVEMBER OUTPOST (v2)
Game            : Call of Duty: United Offensive
Date            : 09/02/2006
Author          : Chris "Musashi" Walker
Email Address   :
Home Page       :
Description     : A fairly small, winter-themed level.
Player Load     : 2 - 20
Pak name        : mp_novoutpost2.pk3
Name in .CFG    : mp_novoutpost2
Instructions    : Extract to your 'uo' directory, and
                : select "November Outpost (v2)" in the servermenu

* THANKS TO... *

- Infinity Ward, for a terrific game.

- Version 1: Hollywood, Smalldog, Siffer, Flipsen, kweniston, ClickBouyow and the others on the IWNation CoD:UO mapping forum for beta-testing and suggestions.

- Version 2: Claire Claws and her team-mates in clan [SeF] over at for gameplay suggestions and testing, especially with CTF. Thanks to Claire also for the excellent new loadscreen and victory pics.


Game Type       : DM, Team-DM, S&D and CTF
Allies/Axis     : British vs. German
New Sounds      : No
New Textures    : No
New Sky         : No 


Base            : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used  : CodUORadiant
Known Bugs      : None
Build Time      : About 4 months on and off


This is my first Call of Duty map. I usually play DM on a LAN with just a couple of other players, so my intention was to create a fairly small map that would suit this number of people. Over time, with some prompting and help from other players, it grew to include Team-DM, S&D and CTF gameplay.


The Allies must plant the bomb in either zone A (fuel storage tower) or zone B (bunker power supply) to win.


The accompanying source file ( is released under the CC-GNU GPL. More information on this can be found at:

In short, you are free to modify and distribute the map as long as you give credit to the original author, and include your modified source as well.

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