Platinum WAR MOD

Here's the latest version of the Platinum WAR MOD, which features the following updates:

· Client crashes (coduo.exe) corrected -...


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File Description

Here's the latest version of the Platinum WAR MOD, which features the following updates:

· Client crashes (coduo.exe) corrected - Rain and Snow optimized · Trainings mode rewritten · Voodoo-Mode update · Remote satchel (detonate satchel with USE + MELEE buttons) · Tripwires optimized · Mortar effects optimized · Colored smoke grenades available (new CVar) · Birds can be shot down

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Platinum WAR MOD   made for   Call Of Duty United Offensive

 (made by Modder:

     Published by ESGN Network -

English Translation by: Ezekiel Victor (xXezekielXx)
Download the mod to get xXezekielXx's e-mail address!

The distribution of this mod can only be approved by

( Warlord & Pit-Bull Admin & ESG Network )

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Platinum WAR MOD - Version 8.005  (16.05.2005 06:10)

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Installation Instructions:

The files:


...copy them to this folder:  ".../call_of_duty/uo/"   

IMPORTANT!!!  You must delete the old PWM files:


The mod has new filenames, so that the clients only have to download 76KB of files!

The "english_example_config.txt" file includes the mod CVars in an example server config.

You must copy the complete content of these files into the server config file:

(Example: "my_server_start_config.cfg" or something similar)
Start the server with the "my_server_start_config.cfg" file.

!IMPORTANT!... you CANNOT have other mods in your UO folder!!
(or any other older versions of Platinum War Mod).

Hint for Clan Logo Text: 
Please take note that after v5.775, the clan logo text is NOT in the "platinum_war_mod.pk3" pk3!

It's in a new pk3 called "platinum_war_mod_clan_logo.pk3"
(open it like a .zip file) in which you change the following:

("platinum_war_mod_svr_file_clan_logo.pk3:  /maps/MP/gametypes/_clan_logo_text.gsc")
      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       
  this file is really a .zip file        and      here is the logo text!

Features at a Glance:

-> Specials

· Clan Training Mode (free moving spawnpoint for all players in the game)
· All airplanes are destructable
· Searchable bodies
· Tripwires (with 2 grenades)
· Film Effects (Helmet, Split-Screen, Blood)
· High Noon Mode for S&D (the last two players fight with only pistols)
· Voodoo Mode for S&D (Zombie players)
· Ability to fly airplanes (steerable), drop bombs and paratroopers
· In-game RCON Menu (complete server control right in the game)
· Platinum MOD Parameters can be set right in the RCON menu

-> Athmosphere

· Lightning and thunder in the sky
· Air war effects
· C47 Bombers in the sky
· Cold breath on winter maps
· Rain (with rain sounds) and snow
· Mortars
· Airplanes with strafing sounds (ideal for masking your sprints!)

-> Special Sounds

· Special music for each map plays at the beginning of the map (not during the actual game)
· Spectator chat free in High Noon mode
· Air raid sirens when a player boards a plane
· Airplane sounds
· "Caution Detonation" comments for S&D shortly before the explosion

-> HUD Features (HUD Elements)

· Server clan logo text on the HUD
· Anti-Camper Radar (shows campers as blinking crosshairs)
· Wide Distance Search (Distance display of enemies on larger maps; makes duels on large maps better)
· Artillery counter, when artillery strikes are imminent 
· Hit Effects (shows when you've been hit by an enemy)
· Spawn Protection Display (Health Cross)
· Display of rounds/points
· Display of available airplane bombs
· Display of remaining flight time
· Display of airplane 'health'
· Display of total player count
· Display of team status
· Display of your own points
· Complete list of map rotation
· S&D: rounds with real-time display
· S&D: real-time for bomb countdown

-> Additional Features

· 2. Secondary Weapon (only if primary weapon is selected)
· weapon mod add-on (Panzerfaust, MG42, Flamethrower, ...)

// ******** FAQ's *********

- Q: No airplane sounds on custom maps?  (mp_peaks,  etc.)
- A: The custom map has its own soundloadspec file (Ex: soundloadspecs/mp/mp_peaks.csv)
     There must be a new file for the map with the name and proper soundlinks to the MOD's airplane sounds.

- Q: Player lighting glitches on maps with snow?
- A: You don't have the client-file for the MOD.  Try enabling auto-downloading when joining the PWM server.

- Q: Game crashes on the first shot in the map?
- A: The Linux dedicated server has old, buggy files.  Please update to the latest files.

##############  Versions  ##############

New in Version v8.005

· Client crashes (coduo.exe) corrected - Rain and Snow optimized
· Trainings mode rewritten
· Voodoo-Mode update
· Remote satchel (detonate satchel with USE + MELEE buttons)
· Tripwires optimized
· Mortar effects optimized
· Colored smoke grenades available (new CVar)
· Birds can be shot down

New in Version v8.002

· Error: MAP Rocket -> MAP dimensions were incorrect
· Error: MAP Neuville -> sky defense effects caused errors
· Error: Plane -> two bombs for one click
· Error: Mortars -> waittime became negative on greater falltime
· Error: Body-Scan -> body deleted during search, dead entity
· Error: if Voodoo mode was turned off, medic helmet was still there

· New: English ReadMe and Config Files (thanks to xXezekielXx)

New in Version v8.000

· Completely new code (the MOD has been rebuilt)
· MOD has been tested on public servers
· Airplanes can now be "freely" flown (no more path nodes!)
· New CVar WAR MODE (None, Easy, Medium, Heavy)
· Changed CVar: Scoreboard now called Lifeboard
· RCON worked on (comes directly from server now)
· ERR-LOG function for server crash analysis
· More sounds for the effects
· Client download filesize reduced to 76k
· And much more!

Service Update v7.512

· Completely new code
· Burning Planes
· Burning Bodies
· Pop helmet for all gametypes
· Searchable bodies for all gametypes
· Cold breath only outside (ie: not indoors)
· Airplanes no longer fly to the MAP-Rand
· Airplane landing angle fixed
· RCON menu worked on
· Numerous small bugs fixed

Service Update v7.510

· Radar objects crashed Linux servers - now fixed!
· Error LOG function for better crash analyses on Linux servers (new CVar)
· Code optimized
· Tripwire defusing
· Fighter plane details optimized
· Searchable bodies and Voodoo mode fixed

Service Update v7.500

· Lots of code completely reworked

Service Update v7.055

· Flyable airplanes worked on and fixed
· Airplanes now fly in the right formations (no more Axis and Allies together)

Service Update v7.050

· Calculation of map dimensions for numerous effects worked on and corrected
· Airplanes now fly at the correct height
· Airplanes now fly all around the map instead of at 2 sites
· More airplanes and sounds
· Score errors for airplane shots in S&D fixed
· Next map in the server name fixed, will now display for every gametype
· A few small errors fixed

Service Update v7.010

· Server crash for various gametypes fixed

Service Update v6.150

· Possible server crashes through searchable bodies and Voodoo Mode fixed
· Errors in the RCON Menu fixed
· Server information in server name removed for gametypes that aren't round-based
· MOD default values changed (better for gameplay)
· C47 bombers in the sky (effect) displayable (new RCON menu option)

Service Update v6.140

· Two large errors with searchable bodies and Voodoo Mode fixed

Service Update v6.135

· After map vote or RCON map change, there was no map rotation
· Client download reduced from 300k to 94k (WARNING: new filenames!)
· RCON: Special Weapons (Bazooka etc.) couldn't be activated
· RCON: Map order (Tigertown to Stanjel UO)
· HUD: Time left stays at 00:00 (instead of "Over!")
· Server name: Rounds left stays at 0 (instead of negative values)
· Server name: Time display fixed (was occasionally incorrect)
· High Noon models weren't removed, fixed
· Voodoo/Zombie Mode: Time scale fixed (always vanished)
· Voodoo/Zombie Mode: Hit damage fixed
· Sky defense gun positions fixed (no longer in the middle of the playing field)
· Respawn time (right) for BAS, DOM, CTF etc.

New in Version v6.120

· RCON MOD: many new variables to configure the Platinum MOD
· Minefield problem fixed (when players crossed minefields in airplanes)
· More maps with airplanes (Kharkov, Brecourt, Foy, Rhine Valley, Hurtgen)
· Players can now bypass tripwires (by quickly running and jumping over them)
· Plane crash probability option (new CVar)
· Plane crash angle corrected
· Plane crash better coordinated to the map
· Many details made better

New in Version v6.050

· Searchable bodies
· New Tripwire text and optimizations
· Better HUD displays (round/time display fixed)
· Silent Sten kill icon fixed
· Helmet flying fixed
· Mortar angle fixed (Mortar looked straight to ground)
· RCON functions fixed and MOD Menu ready
· Round/time display in server name fixed (without PWM, for more space)
· Many new CVars for the MOD (Planes, Mortars, Lightning, etc.)
· Map dimension fixed
· Airplanes now in Harbor
· Airplane radar, see where planes are
· Maps with airplanes to fly:
  (Bocage, Italy, Kharkov, Kursk, Neuville, Ponyri, Railyard, Stanjel UO)

New in Version v6.010

· Thunder and lightning in the sky
· Air wars in the sky
· Cold, visible breath in winter maps
· Helmet function fixed (no double helmet)
· Zombie text updated
· Zombie damage system (team kills are no longer possible)
· Zombie health can be up to 2500 (but still vulnerable)
· Blood movement on the screen made slower
· Frequency of planes in the sky made less
· Mortar frequency increased somewhat

New in Version v6.000

· All airplanes are now destroyable (also in the air, including smoke effects)
· Voodoo Mode (Medic can make dead soldiers into zombies) - New CVar
· Film Effects (Helmet, Split-Screen, Blood) - New CVar
· Tripwires - New CVar
· Platinum MOD parameters can now be changed in the RCON menu
· Server name for game information now in a new CVar (for server name reset)
· Some improvements to team score (Rounds Left: , Time Left: )
· Silent Sten fixed (shot too accurately before)
· Spectacular airplane explosions
· Linux server crashes for gametype BAS fixed

New in Version v5.830

· Server name now with game information: (remaining rounds/time, next map)
· At the end of the map an "Over!" display shows
· Clan logo now removeable (new CVar "mod_show_clan_logo")
· Mortar speed now faster
· Server crash for shutdown scoreboard fixed
· CVar "mod_spawnHealth_sec" and "mod_spawnHealth_dist" corrected (l added)

New in Version v5.815

· MAP time displays correctly now (instead of time reset)

New in Version v5.810

· RCON menu now also available in-game

New in Version v5.800

· Airplane paths and velocity optimized
· No more airplanes in Brecourt, Hurtgen (because of mine fields)
· Realistic plane crashes
· Air sirens don't play every time now (random)
· Co-Pilot can now jump from the plane
· Bombers optimized
· Bomb errors fixed
· Team Points Display on the HUD optimized
· In message text CVars, possible to have time delays (Example: "WAIT 15")

New in Version v5.780

· NEW: Time-/Point-Limit available on the HUD

New in Version v5.775

· NEW: Points/Rounds (small) available on the HUD
· RCON menu modified, now possible to kick and ban, as well as other changes (ON/OFF)
· Clan Logo Text in new location (new .PK3 file: "platinum_war_mod_clan_logo.pk3")
· Flash grenades can replace smoke grenades (CVARS)
· Welcome text now immediately shows on player entry (without mod text)
· Round start new (now fixed at the beginning of the game)
· High Noon Mode made better
· Airplanes fixed in the following maps: Cassino, Dawnville, Ponyri
· Small errors fixed

New in Version v5.760

· In-game RCON Menu (complete server control right in the game)
· High Noon Mode optimized (screams reduced, can't take any other weapons, ...)
· Music problem fixed (with 2 players = music off)
· Weapon add-on can be enabled/disabled completely
· Map rotation display made better (more options, also toggleable)

New in Version v5.501

· Server Update (small errors fixed)

New in Version v5.500

· At popular request: CVars now editable in the .cfg file
· Many small optimizations

New in Version v5.420

· Airplanes can now be steered in any direction
· Paratroopers can be dropped from planes (melee button)
· HUD display for flag optimized

New in Version v5.412

· High Noon Mode for S&D (the last two players fight with only pistols)
· Airplanes now only available to players of rank 3
· Errors in Training Mode for round-based gametypes fixed

New in Version v5.401

· Training Mode for other round-based gametypes

New in Version v5.400

· Training Mode - move spawnpoint with USE button (in the uo_dedicated.cfg   "set training 1")
· Airplane bomb damage (players lose energy)

New in Version v5.395

· Rain quality (low/medium/high) for clients with slower computers

New in Version v5.390

· Server clan logo text on the HUD
· Rain sounds
· Airplane sounds (for the player airplane)
· Air raid sirens when a player boards a plane
· Pilot can now drop bombs (no the Co-Pilot!)
· Display of bombs remaining
· Airplane now flies in a diagonal direction over the MAP
· Some optimizations

New in Version v5.380

· New sound system

New in Version v5.370

· Wide Distance Search (Distance display of enemies on larger maps; makes duels on large maps better)
· Weapon mod now separate from the rest of the mod (possible to omit extra weapons)
· HUD Display optimized
· Music shutdown procedure
· Rain probability feature
· Some errors fixed (double camper display, some gametypes, Linux optimized,...)
· Many functions now possible to shutdown (in variable file: "maps\MP\gametypes\_plat_mod_vars.gsc")

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