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The developer known as Urded, creator of Project VoODoO Reloaded based on SuMMo's Project VoODo...

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File Description

The developer known as Urded, creator of Project VoODoO Reloaded based on SuMMo's Project VoODoO, has come out with this CoDUO version of the mini-mod. You'll find all sorts of new stuff in this release, too, in addition to all the old features adorning the original versions of the mod. Just take a look at the ReadMe below for an inside look on what you'll get with Project VoODoO UO, see the screenshots, and take 'er for a spin! ;)


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Project VoODoO UO

UO version by Urded

Original project for COD by SuMMo aka SAS-Dominion.

This Mod is for Call of Duty UO .


Updates to UO version: 

Changed the files needed to make it work with UO.

Skins for the UO maps.

Upgraded AWE from 1.4 to 2.12.

PVUO config file includes AWE options.

Changed main menu music - Thanks to Godsmack for Voodoo Too. 

Install: unzip then just paste project_voodoo_UO folder into COD folder, not main folder.
Any questions, comments, me @ address above thanks, Urded ;-)

HISTORY (COD version)

Updates to reloaded:

Sound changes to some weapons & added some sounds (taken from various other mods and games)

Changed damage on weapons 

Sniper rifles back on by default. (still optional)

Anti camping off by default. (still optional)

Added main menu music - Thanks to Jimi Hendrix for Voodoo Child (slight return)

Changed scope skin.

Credits: thanks to;
SuMMo for Voodoo mod
Sounds: in no particular order
Phoenix...from Italy, COD2, CSS, Saving Private Ryan
Scope skin: Gorgoknight


Updates :-

Added textures for the map Ship

All players skins changed into a basic colour system. (not fantastic skins but they do the job)

All players faces changed into a skeleton face.

All players hands now show blood and bones.

New Server Config as the mod now includes AWE for more options.

New cow skin.

Added AWE for more options.

Cookable grenades added.

Disabled sniper rilfes. (optional - turned off by default)

Enabled anti camping. (optional - turned on by default)

Pistol clip size changed to 25 and no longer 1 shot kill.

Most weapons turned back down to original damage apart from Kar98k, Nagent and Enfield. They are still turned up.

Maching gun clips all changed to 50.

Rifle clips changed to 25.

New bash sounds.

Secondary weapon given. (Kar98k or the Nagent, depends on team).

Pistol every team uses is the Colt, using the Colt Skin by DOS-KnifeInFace.

New compass skin.

Panzerfuasts clip changed to 3, still only do 1% damage.

Map rotation uses all stock maps and all stock gametypes.


You are free to do what you like to this mod as it was made for fun and only done in spare time.
If you use any of the mod at all please at least give me some credit. Thank you.

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