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*NOTE* Skins in screenshots are not included

Don't let the name fool you, this mod doesn't just change the weapons in Call of Dut...


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*NOTE* Skins in screenshots are not included!

Don't let the name fool you, this mod doesn't just change the weapons in Call of Duty: United Offensive, it in fact does a whole lot more. This mod is brought to us by a new developer known only as Pvtherman. It's purpose is to update UO and give it a much more fun, energetic, superb, exciting experience. This mod will change almost every weapon in UO, giving it special powers, new abilities, strengths, weaknesses (kind of the same thing :P) and a whole bunch more. Some of the features including, but definitively are not limited to:

  • Portable LMG's (long machine guns, such as the MG32, DP28, 30Cal)
  • More ammo
  • New names for weapons
  • AI updates such as grenades, new weapons
  • Approx. 442 new AI names
  • PLUS a whole lot more!

These are just some of the features; for the full list check out the read me! Don't forget to take a look at the screenshots below, and download this mod now! :thumbsup:


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Download 'pvthermans_uo_weapons.zip' (3MB)

Pvt.Herman's UO weaponsmod (pre-beta)

This is my first mod of the Call of duty series (well its more like a compilation of many mods)

First things first,
Thanks and contributions go to these people:

-Zid (thanks very much for your help)

(Thanks again to all for letting me make this mod with everybody's work in it)

Ok down to business. 
Basically it'ss mainly a weapons mod for Call of duty UO single player Only (not meant for realism). It also does a number of other things (listed below) NOTE: THE ALLIED AND AXIS SKINS AREN'T PART OF THE MOD. this is Hector's skin mod, i just forgot to remove it when i was taking the screenshots.



-added in supajoe's portable lmgs, now all lmgs (dp28, mg34, 30cal) can be hip held and fired without deploy. Simply use your switch rate of fire key (defeault is m) to go from having to deploy to hip held fire. AI even know how to use them properly (there are still pretty accurate hip-held in my opinion, plus they drop more ammo and can hold more ammo)
-added in Ziegen's tommy gun mod (its the most up to date version and has all the bugs fixed, sent to me from Ziegen, yay 50 clip)
-added in Firefly's unscoped fg42 (I noticed something odd, when you Aim down the sights of the weapon, it shoots off to the top right of the barrel sight, kinda hard to make far shots with, but still a cool weapon)
-weapons drop more ammo I.E Kar, mp40, ppsh, mosin_nagant etc.
-added in new names for weapons (listed below)

Mg34 = Maschinengewehr 34
smoke grenade = m18 smoke grenade (this doesn't show up in Sp actually)
Bazooka = m9a1 bazooka
thompson = M1928A1 Thompson 
Gewehr 43 = Gewehr 43 (Karabiner 43)
Panzerschreck = Raketenpanzerbüchse RPzB 43 (Panzerschreck) 
Flamethrower = Flammenwerfer 35
Webley = Webley Mk. VI
silenced sten = Sten Mk. IIS (S on II stands for silenced)
Dp28 = Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova Pekhotnyi 28
TT33 = Samozarjadnyji Pistolet Tokareva obrazca 1933 goda
Svt40 = Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva obrazets 1940 goda
BAR = M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle
Bren = Bren Mk. III
Colt45 = Colt .45 M1911A1
Enfield rifle = Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I
FG42 = Fallschirmjägergewehr 42
Kar98k = Karabiner 98 Kurz
Luger = Parabellum 08 Luger
Mosin nagant = Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 (same with the sniper)
Mp40 = Maschinenpistole 40
Mp44 = Sturmgewehr 44
PPSH = Pistolet-Pulemet Shpagina 41
Springfield = M1903A4 Springfield
Sten = Sten Mk. II
Mk1frag grenade = Mills Bomb No.36M Mk.I
Stielhandgranate = Model 24 Stielhandgranate

-Changed Bren clip to 28, increased its loadout and max ammo though,  
-Enfield shoots faster, test it out, try firing it as if were an semi-auto rifle and you will see the difference. I can't get the player to cock the rifle faster though, that is sort of bugging me. 
-added m1garand mid-clip reload
-tt33 pistol changed clip size to 8 
-Increased damage that Webley does by 1.5 
-changed 30cal clip size to 250 bullets (you can hold a total of 1000 bullets)
-most weapons now hold more ammo
-Added in Satchelcharges and binoculars. Binoculars don't occupy the pistol slot so you can hold a pistol and a pair of binoculars.
To access them, use the wheel on your mouse to scroll/change between weapons. (for those who don't have a wheel, use the buttons you've assigned that changes between you weapons, the previous and next weapons config in the options/button controls.)
Satchel charges and Binoculars are only available on some missions (Actually they are available on many. Also you can hold 3 satchel charges, I did this for fun)
-Changed the weapon loadouts on all maps from Cod and Cod:uo (you will notice that i have some screenshots of EastYorks' Champaign, the weapon loadouts on some of these maps have been changed as well, sorry for not saying anything about that Yorkshire Rifles,)
-This mod is meant for UO only, some of my screenshots feature UO weapons in COD, i'm doing this by opening the UO Console and devmaping Cod maps. I.E. (devmap redsquare) in the UO Console, without the brackets.
Hence when you play Cod maps through UO, you will see Uo weapons being used.

*AI Changes*

-Majorly adjusted your allied Ai, they now shoot better and are a little bit more braver, now they will actaully be able to nail the enemy here and there. (but they are still overall stupid sometimes)
They can still be surpressed by enemy fire though. However try pressing the fire button at one of your allies who is surpressed, and they may return accurate fire back at their surpressor. 
-Gave germans grenades, (didn't give these to allies as they were kinda stupid using grenades)
-(As mentioned above) friendly Ai can carry around deployable lmgs using them as if they were automatic. Brits may occasionally spawn with a mg30cal. Russians carry around Dp28, Germans don't carry around mg34 on a daily basis, but those who would normally carry around a luger, carry around an mg34.
-Increased the name pool for all allies (more names for allies) ,
Originally there was,

180 american names
172 british names
151 russian names

Now there is,

285 American names
345 British names (Some should look familiar if you played Eastyorks1)
315 russian names (some of these names have first names, sorry if i got akward names, i can't tell the difference for Russian names)	

-Change the Ai ranks:

American Ranks


British Ranks

L/Cpl.   (lance corporal)	
Pte.  (Some brit names may still have the Pvt. instead of Pte. though)

Russian Ranks

Jr. Lt.
Jr. Sgt.

-Added in some more characters (listed below) 

On the Map Ship, in the british Champaign, you will see some sort of German with a wirespool on the back, i tried to make a custom german kreigsmarine engineer.(they will only carry around g43) 
Russian tank commanders and Crewman maybe found on the battlefield in the Russian Champaign, NOTE: the weapons from these characters are considered as different weapons. So in esscence, you can carry around a ppsh and a tank commander's/crewman's ppsh as two seperate weapons, but they will eat off of each other's ammo.

-Changed around a few characters 
 Made your Invincible characters more accurate and braver than regular soldiers (I.E. Cpt.Price, Sgt.Moody, Cpl. Kukilov etc.)
Also changed what weapons some of these characters are using.
Cpl.Kukilov carries around a dp28
Boris (Pvt.Semashko) changed him into an engineer
Cpt.Price Carries around a thompson 
Changed the Maj.Ingram found on the powcamp map to Maj.ingram in Cod:UO
Majorly changed the Dutch Resistance fighters on the Trainbridge map. 
2 of them will be carrying Kar98k, 1 with an Mp40, 1 with a sten, and two with an enfield.
Added german winter Officers, both white and green, They only carry around fg42 weapons. 
Sgt.Makarov now has Officer's hat and So does Sgt.Borodin
Gave Kovalenko a Dp28 as well
Some Russians may spawn on maps as Wounded in action soldiers. 

-AI generally should spawn with these weapons on most maps


mg30cal (hip held, they use it as if it were a fully auto weapon)


M1garand (Brits will sometimes spawn with an m1garand, won't happen in Eastyorks1 though)
M1carbine (same deal with the m1garand)
Mg30cal (same deal with m1garand)
Thompson (Brits will spawn in general good supply with these, will happend in Eastyorks1)


Mosin Nagant
Svt40 (yes it's more than likely they will spawn with an svt40 on any map)
Dp28 (same deal with the svt40 )
Mosin nagant sniper (rarely, happens on only a few maps) 


Mg34 (found only on some maps, but generally most, those germans that normally spawn with a luger will spawn with an mg34 instead)
Gewehr43 (found on some maps, german airbourne and german waffen troops may spawn with this, they can be found on a bunch of maps, german winter and kreigsmaring also spawn with g43)

-Changed some Class types, (listed below)

Mg30cal = classed as Heavy Support Gunner
Bazooka = classed as Anti tank support 
Miesa (with his radio) = Radio Operator 
Russian tank commander/crewman (Commander will be wearing a Commisar's hat and have sgt rank)
Dutch resistance fighters named on the map trainbridge. Also changed Van Dyke's Class name to Dutch Resistance Engineer 
Russian Snipers = Sharpshooter

*Level/Map Changes*

-Changed the Ingram on the Powcamp to Maj.Ingram in UO
-Added a winter officer with a kar98k scoped in one of the rooms on the upper level of the Chateau on the map Noville
-Changed the snipers on the map Pavlov, to actual snipers, they are also officers as well. 
-gave you a dp28 on the trenches map, you will get 9 clips of ammo when you reach the bunker
-changed the captured officer on the map Bastogne2 to an actual officer (he drops a fg42 later)
-added more Kriegsmarine Officers on the map Ship (they carry around Sturmgewehr 44)
-In the ending video on the map Kharkov2, when you finally win, you will see Russians using Dp28 in the video, however the firing sound will sound as if it was like popcorn popping, sorry about that annoyance.
-Changed the russian lmg deployers at rail station in Kharkov2
they were deploying mg34 (they still do) but now it looks like the are deploying dp28 at least now.


-Ugh, i tried to find a way to fix these errors and i asked a couple of people but nobody has got a clue to figuring out how to fix it. Sigh, dangit (if you know how to fix this please email me)
-On the map Sicily1, the first Sicily1. DON'T TAKE A SCREENSHOT or F5 QUICKSAVE THE GAME, YOUR GAME WILL CRASH TO YOUR DESKTOP AND A WINDOW SAYING HUNK ALLOCATOR TYPE (or something like that) it's trying to refer to how there is not enough memory or something, i don't know how to fix this. If this happens to you, run the game up again, no harm should be done to the game (or well nothing bad has happened to mine)
Your comp should also be fine.

-On the map Bastogne2 (the 2nd map on the american winter champaign) , if you want to pickup a mg30cal, steal the one that Pvt.Goldberg Deploys at the beginning of the ambush (right after Moody says: there's our boy and Move to the treeline, they know we're here)
The instant that Goldberg deploys the 30cal, quickly push him off of it (a 30cal should appear at that point) and quickly pick that up. Then run towards your objective (the mg42 emplacement on the right) and don't look back. This needs to be done quickly.
If you look back at Goldberg, an error may occur (this error is not consistant sometimes). Again only try this if you want to steal the 30cal from Goldberg, otherwise continue with your mission.
the error here will cause your game to crash back to desktop if you mess this up.
To push Goldberg off the 30cal, face him and start pushing him backwards away from the 30cal, then turn around and the 30cal should appear. Pick it up and run to your objective, don't stay around Goldberg and don't look back at him. 
(in essence, i don't recommend doing this unless you understood what i said perfectly)  

-If you happen to get the error on the Bastogne2 map, this will also screw up any person using an lmg weapon when you go back and restart your game.  
Irronically enough, (and i found this out by accident) if you go to sicily1 and try to get the error there on purpose and crash the game back to the desktop, this will fix up the lmg guys caused by the error from Bastogne map.
Yes i know what i've just said is very confusing, but basically just don't get the error on Bastogne2 and you'll be fine. 

-Nothing else i can think of, if you find any others tell me. email my profile.


-Well i've got a friend who does own a Mac and i've brought it over a couple times to test it on his. 
Thing is that those were the earlier versions of this mod, but this current one i haven't really adjust it to the point
that it has a dramatic difference. So essentially it should work. 
HOwever, you will still get the same errors as those that i mentioned above for PC's (except the game will just crash back to call of duty:UO's main menu). 


-Some were taken for the sake of telling you were you could find some stuff
-Some of the screenshots are from the OMG mod (operation market garden mod), was seeing if the mod would work on it
I was just testing a few things, i didn't alter anything major, on the map arnhem you will start out with a bazooka and a webley 
instead of colt and panzerfaust, if The BDT team is mad at me for this, sorry i'll remove it on the next version.
This however doesn't change your Original OMG mod in your main folder, nothing bad will happen to it.
-Some screenshots are from Yorkshire's maps, Brits may spawn with a tommy gun on these maps as well. 
-Again, this mod doesn't alter any of the orignal files for the OMG mod or Yorkshire's maps, i just placed the script for a couple of the maps into the mod
Hence when you remove this mod from your UO folder, the weapon loadouts on those maps will be normal again.
-having an mg30cal on the map carride or noville is fun. :)

*Will it work with other Mods?*

-I doubt it will work with other mods considering how much i've changed, sound mods won't work without messing this one up, other weapon mods probably not (but maybe possible, don't get your hopes up), 
-Skin mods for characters and weapons are probably the only thing that will work 

*Next Version?*

-If i have any time, i will try to get around to make a 2nd version, with maybe a few other stuff.

*Other notes from the Author*
-If you know how to fix my errors in my mod, please email me and tell me.
-Thanks again for the all the people that helped me in creating this mod.


-also, in veteran mod (i haven't checked out if this works though) the health packs should be available again on veteran mode, making it slightly easier for players. 
-There is probably more stuff i forgot to mention, download it and see for yourself. (I recommend replaying Yorkshire's maps, they're great)


-Place this mod into UO folder, JUST YOUR UO FOLDER, nothing else.

-To uninstall, simply take the mod out of the UO folder. 

*Permission and Usage*

If you want to use this mod or parts of this mod, go right ahead, but Email me first that you are doing so and place me in your readme. Thanks.

*Map names (these are just the map names of the game) *

Cod (in order)

Cod:uo (in order)
-Bastogne2 (this is one of the maps with the error, stated above)

Yorkshire Rifle's Maps (Here are his map names)

Eastyorks1 (This starts the intro and the campaign, yes there is a number 1 at the end of the name)
Dendre1 (there is a 1 at the end of the name, actaully it is there on all names)

BeyondRostov (intro and starts campaign)


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