Randy's UO BoB Sound Pack

Randy has for us yet another great installment to his BoB Sound Pack series. This is v3 of his UO BoB Sound Pack. Download it now, rate it...

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File Description

Randy has for us yet another great installment to his BoB Sound Pack series. This is v3 of his UO BoB Sound Pack. Download it now, rate it, comment, and have fun! :D

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February 26, 2005

//This Mod\

This mod is Version 3 of my Call of Duty: United Offensive sound pack. Many sounds have been
replaced by better ones, and many have been added. A full list of changes are as follows:
 - Replaced bodyfall sounds (better quality)
 - Added a new explosion (I know it doesn't sound like much but it really enhances the Band
   of Brothers experience, at least for me)
 - Changed one of the .50 cal sounds
 - Changed the Colt .45 sound. The last one was a little static-y, so I ripped a new one.
 - Totally revamped FlakPanzer sounds. They might not be as loud, but you can still hear
   them fine. They're of better quality as well.
 - Added KAR Sniper distant sound
 - Added M1A1 Carbine distant sound (you may recognize this from one of my previous BoB
 - Added new M1 Garand sound in addition to the original one. Gives a bit more variety, I
 - Revamped the MP40 and added a distant sound, too (This one sounds much better. I don't 
   want to hear any complaints ;))
 - Added MP44 distant sound. I didn't change the original sound because it just doesn't 
   sound as good. Trust me.
 - Changed Springfield sound and added a distant one to match it. This wasn't the
   Springield, persay, but it was a sound I ripped from Band of Brothers. You may recognize
   it from Episode 2 - Day of Days (hint: Spiers). I changed it to sound more Band of 
   Brothers-y. Hope y'all like it.

//Production Tools and Info\

Tools used in the production of this mod are:

 - Cool Edit Pro 2.0
 - Notepad


To install, unzip the .pk3 to your Call of Duty "UO" folder.
To uninstall, just delete or remove the .pk3.


Credits go to Double_U for the whizby sounds. I may make new ones in a later version, but 
for right now, I'm just lazy.
Also, recognition is deserved of Infinity Ward for Call of Duty, Gray Matter Studios for
United Offensive, and Steven Spielberg for Band of Brothers.
I would also like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all veterans who fought in WWII. We
owe all of them our freedom.

//Contact Information\

If you have any questions, comments, hate mail, here's how you can catch me! If you are just
wanting to learn how to make mods, my advice is learn yourself: you can't go wrong there!

E-Mail/MSN: [email protected]

GMail: [email protected]

AIM: fallschirmschutz


These sounds are the property of myself, unless otherwise noted in the Credits section of 
this readme. If you wish to use any of my sounds, be sure to ask for my permission. If you
don't, give me the credit I deserve in your readme. Thank you.

//Upcoming Mods\

None as of yet. Maybe a new version of my SPR sound pack.

//Help Wanted\

Some friends and I are currently working on a Band of Brothers Total Conversion for United
Offensive. If you would like to join, please see the contact information a little earlier
in this readme. We are currently in need of the following:

 - 4-6 mappers (single-player experience preferred)
 - 4-5 modelers and animators
 - 3-5 scripters
 - 4-6 skinners (2D artists needed as well)

Here are some requirements:

1.	must own the Band of Brothers mini-series or have easy access to it
2.	must pay attention to extreme detail
3.	must be able to clearly express ideas to the team

We don’t have a website at the moment; I'm still working on it. Sorry.
(If you would like to help with that, please e-mail me!)

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