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The FKMOD team has released a patch (version .1.0) for thei...


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The FKMOD team has released a patch (version .1.0) for their UO conversion of the Revolt mod. Here's what it's got:

  1. All gametypes are now fully supported in Revolt mode
  2. Fixed missing kill icon for sniper rifles.
  3. Fixed missing textures.
  4. Tweaked weapon settings (eg: sniper rifles are much better).
  5. Added spawn protection to all gametypes.
  6. Added weapon distance setting script. This means ALL weapons have a working effective range (the script in UO simply does not work very well). Pistols are deadly but only at close range. SMGs are more powerful than before but will not kill from across the map. Each succeeding weapon has greater accuracy at longer distance with trade-offs in rate of fire and run speed. Snipers are two-shot kills from the waist down and one-shot kills from the torso up.
  7. Added three bonus maps: Esville, Quarantine Final, and Desert Base (supports CTF). All maps have been fully converted to Revolt.

Sounds pretty cool! Download it now, and have fun! :P

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