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Here's the UO version of Rural Rumble, which includes the original 'French town' map with added vehicles and other UO features. Check out t...


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Here's the UO version of Rural Rumble, which includes the original 'French town' map with added vehicles and other UO features. Check out the screenshots below, read the ReadMe, and download this nice multi-player, multi-gametype map now! ;)

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******************************RURAL RUMBLE UO READ ME***************************************

Author:  		Colonel Angus
E-mail address:  	[email protected]
Creation time:  	Approximately 750 hours over nearly a seven month time period.
Gametypes Supported:  	Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Behind Enemy Lines, Headquarters, 					Search and Destroy, Retrieval, Capture the Flag, Domination


This map will NOT work with the original Call of Duty (CoD).  It will work with the stock retail version of the United Offensive (UO) expansion pack for CoD.  I cannot guarantee it to work in conjunction with any mods, nor will I make any effort to make it compatible with any mods that it may not work with.  Any feedback I receive regarding this will be ignored.  

**********************************BACKGROUND STORY******************************************

This map is based in a fictional location in France During World War II.  I'm sure the architecture and landscape aren't very accurate by any means.  German scouts have taken up residence at an upscale hotel located out in the rural countryside.  The Americans have set up their headquarters at a nearby farm and church.  Retrieval will have the Germans trying to recapture an artillery map and code book that the Americans have stolen. Search & Destroy will have the Americans trying to take out either a German tiger tank or one of their Flak guns.

******************************INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS*************************************

Extract the .pk3 file to your C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\uo folder (or wherever your uo folder is located if you chose an alternate location to install the game to).


I would like to thank the following people:
	Wyatt Earp for his excellent tutorial videos.
	The people who support and contribute to IW Nation,, .MAP, and 
	All of the server owners who ran the beta version of Rural Rumble in their rotation.


Copyright (c) 2005.  Feel free to distribute this map as long as it's done so free of charge and the .pk3 and the files within it are not altered in any way.  You also may use the two custom textures I created that are located in the "textures\angus\sign" folder of the .pk3 file, just give me credit if you do so.


Thanks for playing!

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