Viper, formerly known as Nighthawk, has brought us a very nice modification of the Search and Destroy gametype, which makes it more of a def...

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File Description

Viper, formerly known as Nighthawk, has brought us a very nice modification of the Search and Destroy gametype, which makes it more of a defense-oriented gameplay, at least for the defensive team, of course. :P Check out the ReadMe for the full scoop, and if you're a server admin (clients don't need it), run this small gametype change on your server now! ;)

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

SDReal modification by Viper

       \\\\\\\      \\\\\
   \\\\                \      \\ 
       \\\\\\\      \      \\\
                \\\\    \      \\
       \\\\\\\\     \\\\\\

\\\\\      \\\\\\           \              \\
\       \\\   \\                \\ \\           \\
\\\\\\       \\\\          \\   \\         \\
\         \      \              \\\\\\\      \\
\           \     \\\\\     \\          \\   \\\\\\
(that was tedious but fun)

Intro- SDReal is an attempt to turn Search and Destroy into a more defense based gametype. Rather then the defenders hunting the attackers, or waitng for the bomb to be planted and then defusing, the defenders will have to acually defend. They will have to keep their eyes on their targets and make sure the attacks can't plant at all. 

NonMod notes- I just thought I should put out there that this is Nighthawk, creater of FoReal Vehicles and the two artillery mods. I'll be modding under this name from now on. now onto the mod.


SDReal makes a few minor changes but will change the way the gametype is played... hopefully (I honestly havn't tested the gameplay yet but I figured what better way to test it then let you guys do it)

Changes- The bomb time has been decreased to ten seconds, the defuse time has been decreased to 5 seconds. This means it is possible to defuse still but you will have to be extreamly close to the bomb. 

Also no indication of the bomb being planted will be shown besides the compass changing. All of this means it would not be a good idea to leave a small team guarding the bomb. the majority of the defenders will want to situate themselves in a way that will allow them to either defend the target directly, or be able to enter into the target area very quickly such as on the other side of a door next to the target.

Future Projects- I am currently working on an update to the AAM and also an update to the FoReal Vehicles mod. I also am skimming through all the mod files learning new stuff. Most of my time is focused on this learning process.

Other info- Not many people to thank besides IW/GMI. This was a real quicky and didn't involve any complex stuff or real testing.

You can contact me at if yopu have problems with the mod. Also if you decide to run this mod(not many will I think) then please either post the server here or email me the server info.  

Please don't use this for profit. You can use it for anything else though and can distribute it freely.

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