Here is a creative and amazingly big map about the world war one battle of Somme. This battle had the most casualties during WW1 if I recall...


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Here is a creative and amazingly big map about the world war one battle of Somme. This battle had the most casualties during WW1 if I recall correctly. Anyway, this map includes DM, TDM, CTF, and BEL which leave a lot of room for game play and strategy. Take a look at these pictures below and give this awesome map a try! :D


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*** Mp_Somme.pk3 ReadMe File ***

Mp_Somme was inspired by the "Battle of the Somme" in WW1.
The map was actually a team effort, spearheaded by [3/77]BLACKSIX (the designer and artist) and [3/77]ReDM@N (our Mad Mapper).
Thanks go to [3/77]KrazeeEyezKillah for his help on the map in its' early stages and [3/77]Crow for his initial findings of WW1 trench pictures and WW1 era signs.
Many thanks to our friends that came to test out the map whenever we gave the call for help.
This map is the 3rd [3/77] mapping project that BLACKSIX has guided and the first map that ReDM@N has completed. We know it is not going down in United Offensive history as one of the best maps ever made, but our goal was to create a challenging ctf map roughly based around true historical events.  It plays well and is quite hard to win.  There are a few secrets here and there in the map, just enough to make it more interesting.

This map is dedicated to Whiskey River, the simpering bastard that has quite a knack for calling "Hack" at the drop of a hat. Whiskey, I hope you like your "special room".  Its the least we could do for you buddy.  I hope to see you in it one day so I can snap a picture.

Many thanks to modsonline for the tutes that helped make this map a reality.

Here is a little background history on the battle:
The Battle of the Somme happened in the first world war. It started on July 1, 1916 and finished in November of the same year. The Somme is a river in northern France and it is called the Battle of the Somme because the battle happened around the river. On the first day, there were about 60,000 casualties in the English force and 20,000 of those died.
The first day on the Somme was the bloodiest day in British military history. For 5 days before the 1st July, the British army shot non-stop at the German trenches, to destroy their trenches and the barbed wire that was in front of them. Thinking that most of the German defence was destroyed, at 7:30 on the morning of July 1st, the Bristish generals told all of the British soldiers to get out of their trenches and walk slowly over to the German trenches. They thought that it would be safe to do this, but they were very wrong. As the British soldiers climbed out of their trenches the German soldiers started to shoot them. The soldiers had to do what they were told and keep walking over to the German trenches, even though they were walking straight into bullets. This is why so many soldiers died. Many of the soldier's bodies lay in the mud for weeks after they had been killed because it was too dangerous for other soldiers to go and get them.
Today, the place where the Battle of the Somme took place is called the battlefields of the Somme and there are lots of cemeteries, war memorials and museums near these battlefields for people to visit and pay their respects.

To read more about this epic battle visit

Have fun people. If you are a mapper and you want to hook up with me to work on another project I have in mind, contact me at

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