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Here's an amazing new single-player map for CoDUO by Yorkshire_Rifles, which has been beautifully crafted in regards to the German city of Aachen on which it is based. In addition to the excellent architectural accomplishments, this map features a wonderful storyline to go along with it (see the ReadMe for full details) and even some other minor changes to further your experience. :) Check out the screenshots below to get a glimpse of this single-player map, and play it today! :D



Aachen -- Single Player for Call of Duty: United Offensive

by Yorkshire Rifles


email: eastyorksrifles(at)yahoo.co.uk 


First day of the battle of Aachen, first German city to be overrun by Allied troops in October 1944.
Featuring the US 29th Infantry Regiment.

Legal Disclaimer

This file is created for FREE. 
It may be redistributed by anyone who wishes to do so.
It may not be modified for redistribution, 
but if you want to mod it for personal use, feel free.
Again this file is distributed for FREE - no trying to sell it for cash.
If you try and pass my work off as your own, then you are fooling only yourself.




Locate your directory/folder called
call of duty\

It is most likely under 
program files\

Now open the directory called 

Place the aachen.pk3 in this folder.

So the full path should look something like this 
c:\program files\call of duty\uo.

In here are the the other pk3s and source files for running United Offensive.


Modifying your shortcut and disable developer mode.

Go to your shortcut for CODUO-SP and right click on it.
Next go to Properties.
If you see the following

+set developer 1

Change that to

+set developer 0

If you do not see ... +set developer ... then do not worry, you are okay.

Developer mode throws up a couple of errors, 
most notably not allowing the player to carry only one rifle at the start.


Start United Offensive.

At the MAIN MENU go to OPTIONS and then INTERACT

You want a YES where it says

If it does not say yes, click it until it does.

Now press the tidle key
It's the one under ESC and to the left of 1 at the top left of your keyboard.
The console should have come down and obscurred half of your screen.
Now you want to type
map aachen
and then press RETURN and the mission should load.

Have fun!


Check your objectives with TAB they tell you what to do.

Obey on screen messages. 
If it says do not fallback or you will be counterattacked, it means it.
If you start to retreat then you'll be overrun and the enemy AI will charge on mass.
You'll get a couple of warnings if you keep retreating but watch it.

Treat it like the real thing 
at times there is a lot of stuff flying about.

Watch for tracer and muzzle flashes in windows, 
sometimes it's hard to see the enemy through broken glass, but you can spot there weapons fire.

Use suppressing fire, put rounds down.

ShellShock has been modified, you are no longer protected whilst in ShellShock.
Here you are an easier target when in shock and the enemy will try and rush you.

Remember, you are NOT Rambo, you have friendly soldiers with you,
but there is not an infinite supply of friendly AI, though there is a lot of them.
If you start running out things are going badly wrong.

Friendly and hostile AI are now as tough as each other. 
The german AI toughened up slightly, american AI toughened down slightly.
A good head/heart shot stops everyone.

The Battle of Aachen was a battle of attrition. Expect heavy casualties on both sides.

Now with ANTI-CHEESE! Redevloped from Bastogne2 scripting. 
The better weapon you use the smarter and more accurate the AI become. Keep away from that MP44!

This is FIBUA -fighting in built up areas - so expect attacks from all sides and all heights, 
distance as well as close quarters, and generally all hell to break loose.

Known Issues

One small ghost-shadow behind the door of a shed which I just could not solve.

Developer mode must be disabled on the shortcut - see installation above.

Could not get fake small-arms tracer bullets efx to work in all the various directions I wanted,
so had to scrap the use of it - it only goes up or horizontally left, will not follow origins.
In the end it does not matter as there is a lot of real tracer. 
I put 2 guys with SMGs far away in balconies in the Square sequence, they pour in a lot of tracer fire,
but are too far away to actually hit anything - it looks good though as it bounces around the player.


To everyone who gave me feedback and constructive criticism on eastyorks1.pk3,
 this is me putting everything I have learnt since into a map.
Compared to this it really is backwards in both terms of deisgn and scripting but hey, we all have to start somewhere
and this is far more polished and professionally created.


Built on a terribly low-spec Dell of all things. Time taken, 2 months with very little sleep, 
mostly practising and developing design/coding skills learnt since eastyorks1.pk3, 
learning how to portal large open areas properly, 
most of the time was taken up with tweaking and troubleshooting all my scripts rather than actually mapping.

During the battle for Aachen the US 29th Infantry Regiment (1st Division) adopted a new motto --- KNOCK EM ALL DOWN.


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