SPLinT_CeLL's Tiger I for UO MP



Here's an awesome new mod by SPLinT_CeLL that replaces your CoDUO stock multiplayer tank with the Tiger I as seen in CoDUO single-player. Check it out in the screenshots below, and download this sweet new mod today! :thumbsup:



yes, youve read correctly.
TigerI for uo mp.
one of my more genius mods,
i prorted the tiger from single player.
and ive made it as powerful as the as the
real thing too. armored up the front sides and
back. test w/a t34 showed 3 hits to the back
will destroy it. 7 hits to the side. 13 to the front.
ive up guned it to. now it has a flat trejectory
and can destroy any tank in three hits.
if that scares you and your thinking "splint, you
crazy maniac! how does the other team stand 
a chance!" well it does have downsides, there is
no mg on it. no defence against infantry. and
the turret blocks your outside veiw.
so you rely on its armor for ptection against
at weaps.
i think this is the first sp-mp vehicle port for uo
in cod history.
tell me if bugs show up
i dont kno any now.

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