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The old developer Randy (some of you may remember him from about two years ago) has come back as Wolf Steiner with this awesome new realism-...


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The old developer Randy (some of you may remember him from about two years ago) has come back as Wolf Steiner with this awesome new realism-inspired set of sounds for CoDUO. Not that I'm an expert on the realism of WWII weapon sounds, but I'd say this makes your game pretty darn realistic sounding, if that says anything at all. :P I can't really give you any samples—just take my word for it, and download this excellent new sound pack now! :thumbsup:


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10 December 2007

//This Mod\

This mod is my feeble attempt at making realistic weapon sounds for Call of Duty and United Offensive. I changed all of the following sounds:

30 Cal
M1A1 Carbine
M1 Garand
Mosin Nagant

//Production Tools and Info\

Tools used in the production of this mod are as follows:

- PakScape
- Cool Edit Pro 2.0
- Notepad


To install, unzip the .pk3 to your Call of Duty "Main" and/or "UO" folder.
To uninstall, just delete or remove the .pk3.


Credits go to YouTube for having some good quality videos of people shooting their weapons. 
I was surprised that some of the sounds turned out as good as they did.

//Contact Information\

If you have any questions, comments, hate mail, here's how you can catch me. If you are just
wanting to learn how to make mods, my advice is learn yourself: that's the way I did it!



AIM: Stanfordpwnsyou


- No sounds other than the weapon firing sounds were added.
- As always, I would appreciate that you let me know if you want to use my sounds, or at the very least, mention me in the readme.
- Just so no one is confused, my alias used to be Randy. It's not anymore. It's Wolf Steiner, or just Steiner.
- I know the BREN sound is a bit dodgy. I'll try to get a better one later on.
- The Colt sounds like it's being fired indoors. That's because it is in the video. Again, I'll try to get a better version.
- The FG42 sound is from Brothers in Arms, I believe. It sounded like the one in the video, only 1000x better.
- The Panzerfaust sound is probably nowhere near what it really was. I just liked the sound it made in those old WWII documentaries, so I ripped one of those and added a rocket blast from the old flight sim Jane's WWII Fighters.

//Upcoming Mods\

None as of yet. I may release versions of my Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan sound packs (revised, of course) for Call of Duty 2 in the future. It depends really on if I ever get around to it. A Call of Duty 2 version of this mod is also possible.

P.S. - What would y'all think of an Eastern Front mod for Call of Duty 4?

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