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Here's a gorgeous new CoDUO map (actually a CoD-to-CoDUO conversion, according to the ReadMe) by Rob Bowen, also known as "StormHammer."...

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Here's a gorgeous new CoDUO map (actually a CoD-to-CoDUO conversion, according to the ReadMe) by Rob Bowen, also known as "StormHammer." Often I believe what makes a good map great is an interesting and promising history, even if that premise is fictional, as is the case here. You can read that background in the ReadMe, but whether you do or not shouldn't change the fact that you see this as a top-quality map with a lot of freedom taken in layout and direction. The only complaint I really have is that sometimes the textures don't blend as well as they probably should, as with road joints in the first screenshot. Other than that, the map is beautiful and plays well in DM, TDM, and CTF, so you'll definitely have some fun with this one. Check it out in the screenshots below to get a taste of what it has to offer, and download Storm Force 2 UO today! :thumbsup:


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Readme Notes for Storm_Force_2_UO

This map is dedicated to all members of Clan TLS (The Lost Souls), a great bunch of guys and gals without whom I probably would not have bothered to start mapping.  You can visit the clan site at

The first version of the map was never publicly released (although a couple of clans played it), and was more of a test to see if I could make a map at all.  I hope that this new version, converted to UO, will be enjoyable for many players.

The map is small but worth exploring, and currently supports 24 players in both Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, and 16v16 in CTF.

The premise of the map is that a British glider has crashed near a small French country village with a train depot that acts as a transportation point for benzin and other equipment.  The village has previously been bombed.  The British soldiers have made a temporary HQ in the tavern, while the Germans are defending the depot.


After unzipping the files contained in, simply move the storm_force_2_UO.pk3 file into your UO directory, eg, c:/program files/call of duty/uo/  - or wherever you installed CoD United Offensive.

Then you should be ready to play.

Supported game types:

Deathmatch - 24 players
Team Deathmatch - 24 players
Capture The Flag - 32 players (16v16)

If there is demand for it, I may include Search and Destroy at a later date.

This is a United Offensive map and is not intended to work under vanilla CoD.


The map may be distributed freely, but please leave this readme and all other files within the PK3 intact.  If you wish to use the map in a mod or as part of a map pack, please credit me as the mapper.


There's a small Easter Egg (secret area) in the map - so happy hunting.  Hint: only an explosion will open it.
Don't forget to use the tunnels.


Thanks to all at clan TLS for helping to test the map and offer suggestions for fine tuning gameplay.
Thanks to all the people who took the time to post tutorials at - those tutorials were invaluable.
Thanks to Infinity Ward and the devs who worked at Grey Matter for making such great games in Call Of Duty and it's expansion United Offensive.  The MP sides of these games have given me thousands of hours of enjoyment.

Rob 'StormHammer' Bowen

Contact: robert AT robertbowen DOT co DOT uk

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