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Here's another CTF-only CoDUO multi-player map conversion by ~TWZ~The[)r*, this one being of the familiar Bridge map for the original Medal...


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Here's another CTF-only CoDUO multi-player map conversion by ~TWZ~The[)r*, this one being of the familiar Bridge map for the original Medal of Honor. I'm actually a lot more excited about this release than the other ones from this author for today because I can actually relate to this conversion. :P It's quite a good replication of the old Bridge map; it seems as though the proportions have been matched perfectly to the Call of Duty game. Additionally, I am duly pleased with the freedom taken in choosing new textures, as it really gives new life to the map. For this reason, I gave it a 10 in "Creativity," along with the fact that there are some special new additions in there that really give it flavor when compared to the MoH stock map. All in all, I would highly recommend the download of this map, especially to MoH fans, because the style in which it was produced really makes it that much fun all over again -- and hey, you get to do it all in Capture the Flag! :thumbsup:


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Download '' (2.76MB)

Map: the_bridge_ctf From MOH(capture the flag only)
CoDUO 1.51


Ctf Modifications By: ~TWZ~The[)r*

What's this?

This project was not a bsp to map and back. This was a straight
edit of the bsp file, just for clarification. I take not one piece
of credit for this map, though I will take some for the modding work 
that I put into it.;) Hope you all enjoy! Look for more stock maps
to go CTF, I'll be releasing a few more shortly.

This is a modded version of the CoD stock map "mp_brecourt_winter".
This version of the map will only support CTF, all other gametypes 
have been stripped out. If you want to play other gametypes, use the 
stock map for that, the two maps together will not conflict, 
uo_neuville_ctf is a new breed and is for UO only. Nothing in the map 
has been changed and the layout is the same except for needed things 
to add CTF.


Place the Zzz_the_bridge_ctf.pk3 in your CoD/UO folder. Map name is

Mod Support? Yes
New Sounds? Yes

Many thanks to |OCG|=gLiTcH= For making it possible

Greets to all you hard working mappers/modders.

Submitter: crip102468 
Project Type: Multiplayer Map 
Est. Completion: Sat. 8. 29, 2006 
Website: tomorrowzweaponz

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