Khuskan and Prometheus have put together yet another 'ground-breaking' map for us, this one taking place on a train! It also is the intro...

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File Description

Khuskan and Prometheus have put together yet another 'ground-breaking' map for us, this one taking place on a train! It also is the introduction to a new gametype known as Inverse Capture the Flag. Download this masterpiece now and have fun! :P

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

IOU CLAN Presents
Yet another Khuskan and Prometheus collaboration.


Come on, let’s face it. How many times have you been sitting in the tube on the way to work when
 you've come across the thought: 'Hey, wouldn’t it just be amazing for a ww2 style gunfight 
along the train!'? Well, now your dreams can come true! MP_TRAIN is the result of 2 days hard 
work scripting and mapping to create the ultimate COD:UO Underground Simulator! 7 rooms of pure 
madness connected together with useable sliding doors. Not only that, but this is the FIRST MAP
that introduces to COD the wonderful gametype: INVERSE CTF!. The map was designed for up 
to 8 players, but as always, carnage rules so make sure you try it with 40.


Extract from this .zip the file 'mp_train.pk3' and place it in the file x:/.../Call of Duty/UO
Please note that this map will ONLY work on United Offensive.

-Inverse CTF introduction

What is this wonderful gametype I hear you ask? A while ago on a particularly old Q3 spin off,
a series of maps was put together that completely redefined CTF. Instead of the classic
attack-capture-defend of CTF, you instead spawn with the ENEMY flag as opposed to your own.
You then have to fight it to the ENEMY base to score with it. Sounds easy? Trust me, its not,
especially when the other team are determined to do the same thing. Remember, you can’t score
without your flag being returned, just like normal CTF. Also remember the enemies’ spawn 
near your flag, not like normal CTF :-P.

-Other Gametypes-

This map also supports RE, TDM and DM

-Techy Details-

Construction time: 2 days and a VERY long night
Number of (beta) compiles: too many.
New textures: Yes, included in PK3
New sounds: Yes, included in PK3
Number of brushes: 4000
Number of entities: 100
Lines of code: 1300+
Coffee consumed to aid construction (in Litres): 5 1/2
Lemonade consumed to aid construction: 6 cups

Map work, Brushwork, Concept, Meshing - Khuskan
Scripting, Texturing, Touching up - Prometheus
Beta testing - IOU clan


This map is hosted on IOU clans' 24-hour server.
To get the ip, visit the site.

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