Here we have a cool second release of a map that is made for UO's awesome gametype, Capture the Flag. Download it now, and have fun...

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File Description

Here we have a cool second release of a map that is made for UO's awesome gametype, Capture the Flag. Download it now, and have fun! :)

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Re-Upload Request Restoration


-By Khuskan and Prometheus-


-Map notes

 -Tools used


Installing can be shown by the simple formula 'ctf_trenches_v2 + x:/call of duty/uo --> fun + water'
so in other, more basic words, simply unzip the .pk3 file directly into your call of duty/uo folder.
It will only work if you put it in your UO folder. If you dont have a UO folder you dont have the expansion pack so downloading this file really was a waste of time.

Do >NOT< attempt to launch or host the map on deathmatch mode. It >WILL< crash the server.


  -I get a low fps. 'Tis annoying, fix it.
    -- Try turning some graphics settings down. I apolagise in advance for spamming models like theres no tommorow but it was required for the effect.
  -The map won't run!
    -- If you followed the installation instructions, this most likely wouldnt be happening. If it gives you some kind of error, try com_hunkmegs 512 and restart UO. If this fails, run around in circles screaming like a pirate.
  -How do i host this map?
    -- Like any other map, select it in the list, set gametype to COD, set pure to 0, set dedicated to 1 and you're off. Reccomend at least 6 players for this map.


After almost 6 months of the origional ctf_trenches coming out, after painstaking effort, i decided it was high time to make another version, I simply owed it to society. After about 6 hours on my behalf putting together terrain meshes, models and the like, and about 2-3 hours of scripting work from my wonderful (though arguable) mapping partner, we finaly present to you this ww2 based trench warefare map. The story? Umm.. right.. well its.. world war 2 and like... germans are attacking stalingrad but the russians have dug in pretty damned deep and... well its not historicaly accurate but its fun once you get into it, so what are you waiting for, join a server and get playing ;)


The layout is fairly straight foward, the germans attack north (towards the city) and the russians attack south (towards the woodlands) and they get killed and things. Very straightfoward, like the previous version. Basicaly, each side possess highly defendable zig zagged trenches facing each other over an area of no-mans-land. Difference here is there is a very well dug in dug out (contradiction?) about half way between the lines, and it is this that control will most likely be fought over. The map plays best in CTF, but has spawnpoints for TDM and DM should you be that was inclined.


Map work (terrain, texturing, so on) - =IoU=Khuskan    ---
GSC work (scripting, mortars) - =IoU=Prometheus        ---
Beta testing- the IOU clan :D

-Tools used-
 Greydient 0.9 Alpha (AkA 'The Crash-o-matic')
 Visual Basic
 Sound forge 7
 Various c++ editing program things
 Notepad ^^ 


 -Any damage caused by this map is not the direct fault of the creator
 -Any redistribution of this map must be under packed conditions with the .txt >>PRESENT<<
 -All property of this map, gsc etc. are copyright 2005 to IoU clan with the exception of the soundtrack which is copyright 2003 Activision
 -Khuskan will forever pwn you at any game you play. No exceptions

-Known bugs
 -Cockroach, ant, woodlouse, stag beetle.....

-Version History
 -mp_trenches alpha version - abandoned due to CTF gameplay issues
 -ctf_trenches final - released december 2004
 -ctf_trenches_v2 - Released 13th march 2004

-For latest server news, forums, chat and files!
[IoU 24/7 Rotation server : : ]
ALL server stats, player tracking and such available at
I love how you can advertise in readmes and codfiles sticks it up for the world to see :)

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