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Here's the latest update to Sgt.Dylan's Ultimate Weapons Mod Lite. It features many new changes such as more armor on heavy vehicle...


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Here's the latest update to Sgt.Dylan's Ultimate Weapons Mod Lite. It features many new changes such as more armor on heavy vehicles, grenade launchers to bolt-action rifles (sweet! :p), Hawkins mines and a whole lot more. This mod is sure to ramp up your CoDUO gameplay, both on servers and off. Read the informative read-me below, and download the Ultimate Weapons Mod Lite v2 now!

- djheps

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Download 'ultimate_weapons_mod_lite2.zip' (9.37MB)

:::::::::::::::README FOR ULTIMATE WEAPON MOD::::::::::::::::by sgtdylan

::::::::LEGAL CRAP::::::::::::::::
um, this mod is mased on the MPSH uo weapon mod most of the code is from there 
but the designers diddent put emails to let me ask for permission. so thanks to the MPSH guy and [AFK]_SmOkL.

thanks to my gf kate or -female=soldier- for beta test
place both pk3s in your call of duty/uo folder.

more armor on Heavies

removed Stock In and Stock Out modes from Carbine and mp40.
de lisle cc removed

various changes, V.1 of HAWKINS MINES added, these should blow when a jeep/tank/person walks over them and kill kill kill
planned a LOTT more, but busy with skool now, so production will slow a bit.

From the old modding:

Silenced sten
bazooka on weapnsa menu
blood FX
flamethrower for russians
fg42 for germans 
other stuff: miscellaunus

My features:


to sherman drivers youre weaker but faster, and u NEED the .50 on top.
to panzer drivers keep infantry with u and ur unstoppavle.
to willy jeep u drive faster and u need passengers.
to horch u really slow get someone on the MG42.
to t34 ddrivers u strong and medium fast
to su152 drivers that 152 mm cannon kills any tank out there in one hit. you are unstoppable.
to elefant drivers u dont have much power in the cannon, but you are really armor.

tank MGs(internal) are loaded off 50- round strip mags, so i changed the cooldonw lound to match.
jeep MG have limited ammo but dont have to cooldown.

ALL TANKS GET KILLED IN ONE HIT IF ITS FROM BEHIND so make sure you watch your 6.
Added DeLisle CC as sil stens secondary.
Added Lee-Enfield mk.4 SCOPED to secondary for lee enfield.
tommy kills faster and clip to 20, neu sound.
colt has 8 rounds and hurts more.
every usa soldier has a luger as secondary, just 4 show.
panzer rocket and bazooka u can carry up to 7 shells.
flak 88 is now a flakveriling.


many new arty modes like 60mm mortar, b17 airstrike, 75mm and more
scoped kar reloads by en-bloc now, not round by round.

sniper bullets pass through multiple targets and kill jeeps in 5 shots.

SMG and MG gunners (thompson,bar.ex) only can drop whats in the clip when they died. rifles can drop up to 2  clips.

like 100 other things, download the mod to see

new names and sounds

to enhance teamplaay: bar and bren and mp44 less accurate, but mshe slower the auto the more accurate it is. (better weapons to superss)
look just download the freakin  mod and it will show u!

and: new tank skins and for jeeps and tanks MGs:::::: no "cooldown" just limited ammo. about 5 minutes of fire time. it doesent have to cool down.
when the jeep MG is out of ammo, it can not be refilled. if the jeep blows up and respawns, it will have full ammo.

Planned Changes::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

russian: only officers get RGD-33s. The rest get Molotov Cocktails.
get tanks to have like 10 passengers that ride on the top, like in Noville.
make and use the PIAT gun (projector infantry anti tank) i need to make the skin.
edit the menus so every new gun doesent gave to be a secondary weapon of something else (anyone that could help herre please)
make scope skin for lee enfield scoped. 

Known Errors:

If you play foy, there might be a MAX MODEL error.



name on CODUO- Sgt.Dylan 101st AB B Squad C.O.

thanks for downloading leave feedback pleese!

 in the name of my foot in your butt: dont use this mod without my permission ask me first.
and i need someone to edit the .menu files 4 me so every new weapon i makew doesent have to be a alt weapon of another.

my nsdq script is included. place the file in the uo folder and during gameplay (with or without the mod) 
go to the console (~) and type "bind = exec nsdq.cfg" without the quotes. and when u get a kill, press =. SO Simple. For what the end name means, read Black Hawk Down  by Mark Bowden. 
or get the movie.

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