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Here we have the UO version of Siffer's old but excellent map Brjansk, and to me it looks even better than before! The screenshots below by...


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Here we have the UO version of Siffer's old but excellent map Brjansk, and to me it looks even better than before! The screenshots below by themselves show why so many people love this beautiful map. ;)

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Download 'mp_uo_brjansk2.zip' (6.01MB)

Brjansk Version 2

A Call of Duty: United Offensive multiplayer map made by Siffer.

Map information

Title:                 Brjansk
Filename:              mp_uo_brjansk2.pk3
BSP name:              mp_uo_brjansk2.bsp
Version:               2.0
Release date:          May 14th 2005
Author:                Siffer
E-mail:                supermuffin2k@hotmail.com
Homepage:              www.siffersmaps.tk


The map takes place in the city of Brjansk, Russia. It's a quite small map with lots of good sniping spots and places to hide in. There are plenty of accessible buildings with several floors to explore. Below the houses and streets exists another battlefield. A network of secret tunnels covers the underground of the map. The network consists of dark, winding, claustrophobic tunnels which provide good cover and also the ability to get unseen from one side of the map to another.

The Allied team must steal the code book and the field radio and escape the city.

The Allied team must plant the bomb at Bomb zone A (Flak gun) or Bomb zone B (Radio) in order to accomplish the mission.

Updates and changes since last version:

- Domination support added.
- Headquarters support added.
- Lots of more details added, such as drain pipes on all houses.
- Some new areas are now accessible, such as floors that have been blocked earlier.
- Some changes have been made to most of the houses, while some have been completely redesigned.
- Missing and invalid LMG mount points fixed.
- Completely new sky, lighting and fog settings.
- A secret underground tunnel system is added with several entrances all over the map.

NOTE: This map is made for Call of Duty: United Offensive and may NOT run properly in the original Call of Duty!


Extract mp_uo_brjansk2.pk3 into your Call of Duty\uo folder. 

To play the map, start Call of Duty: United Offensive multiplayer and create a server. Choose "mp_uo_brjansk2" from the server map list. You can also start the map by typing /map mp_uo_brjansk2 in the console.


Build time:            A couple of weeks
Compile time:          About 2 hours
Base:                  New map
Editor(s) used:        CoDUO Radiant
Known bugs:            None, but please e-mail me if you find any :)
Custom content:        No.

All about the map:

Number of brushes:     10546
Number of entities:    1085
Number of textures:    336 different textures used in total
Visdatasize:           1541768
Total dimensions:      9552 x 7808 game units
Deathmatch spawns:     51
Team DM spawns:        135
RE/CTF/DOM/S&D spawns: 16 per team

Play information

Game:                  Call of Duty: United Offensive Multiplayer
Supported gametypes:   DM, Team DM, BEL, HQ, RE, S&D, CTF and DOM
Players:               Recommended for about 6 - 16 players

Special thanks

I would like to thank the following people for helping me with beta testing, feedback, suggestions and bug reporting:

Everyone who reported bugs

...and everyone else on the IWNation and Marko's Map Design forums who have helped me testing the map and given me suggestions and ideas. Thanks!


You may distribute this ZIP or PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet, CD, etc.) as long as you contact me first, and include all files, including this readme, intact in the original archive. You may not decompile and/or modify this map in any way.

This map is made by Siffer. Copyright (c) 2005 Siffer.

Have fun and thank you for playing this map! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at supermuffin2k@hotmail.com or visit my forum at www.siffersmaps.tk. Thanks!

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