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Here we have an absolutely incredible new CoDUO multi-player map by Gerry, who obviously -- to our fortune -- has worried hims...


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Here we have an absolutely incredible new CoDUO multi-player map by Gerry, who obviously -- to our fortune -- has worried himself with the details here. :) Honestly, this map is one of the most realistically designed and detailed maps I've ever seen here on CoDFiles; it's hard to find words to describe it! The ReadMe says that the map was influenced by the movie Where Eagles Dare, and although I haven't seen it, I'm tempted to go give it a look after seeing this beauty. Aside from the aesthetic ingenuity that is evident in Gerry's work, he's also included a wide array of other attractions that should more than wet your appetite. ;) For example, there's a working set of cable cars to take up to two players each up and down the mountain. If that weren't enough, there are lots of other neat (albeit less significant :P ) features, such as Richard Burton's voice coming over a couple radios and miscellaneous heavy weapons around the map. Still, with all this cool stuff, the map is said to support up to 32 players, and it even includes compatibility with some fun gametypes that aren't too often available with custom maps: We're talking BAS, CTF, DOM, and HQ. That's for the large version, though, and yes, there are two versions included within! The small version is, of course, for smaller amounts of players; it is compatible with Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch only. Anyway, this is probably one of the longest full descriptions I've ever written, so I'm sorry to keep you waiting; just make sure you check out the screenshots of this stunning creation below, and download it immediately! :thumbsup:

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Download 'uo_broadsword.zip' (16.98MB)

Broadsword final version:

for Cod United Offensive only


Unzip mp_broadsword.pk3 into the folder call of duty\uo\

Gametypes supported:
	Large version: Bas, Ctf, Dom & Hq
	Small version: Dm & Tdm

The map is influenced by the movie Where Eagles Dare & some areas where modelled on it. It's not based on the movie just influenced by it.
The maps name is in reference to the codename Richard Burton used in the movie.

*** Some mods & user files create strange things with the map, please use a clean folder to play the map. ***

Should run ok with the AHZ vehicle pack in UO folder. Tho it doesn't use any of the vehicles, you can run the AHZ maps in conjunction with Broadsword.
Seems to run ok with the UO Awe mod, can still produce gamestate error particuarly in Base Assault.
For best results run the map in the stock UO game with no mods.

Cable Cars:

Please be aware of how the cable cars work.
Because of the nature of the game I've had to put alot of work into making the cable cars user friendly. However they have a behaviour that may not suite some people.

There is a limit of 2 players per car, each occupying 1 compartment. 


Anyone caught in the line of a door closing will be killed instantly. The doors will close just before departure & as you enter a car. 
At worst you can die by a person calling the car from the other end, the doors need to close before the car moves to the destination.
There is a klaxxon warning sound just prior to door closure. If you hear the sound get away from the doors.
I had to do this because it leads to exploiting.


If you manage to get in the path of a car that's moving it will kill you in some circumstances.
It'll happen around the stations & is mostly to do with the underside of the car. This was done to stop exploiting.

If you call for a car it will automatically make it's return journey after about 3 secs without any interaction.

Once in motion the car will move to it's destination, it can't be stopped or turned around.

Access to the car roofs & cables can't be done. They lead to exploiting.

Dead bodies can stay suspended in mid air if you die in a car, also there are times these bodies appear to vibrate when a car is moving. It doesn't appear to effect the game tho.


Some info:

.The map supports upto 32 players.

.You can set the base health for BAS gametype via a cvar.

.The FX can be turned off via a cvar (brswd_nofx = 1), will save a bit of gamestate.

.Some areas of the river are minefields, mostly where you can fall down to it.

.There are ropes, rocks & ladders you can use to move around the map on foot. Some are a bit hard to see.

.There's bazooka's, flamethrowers, satchel charges & binoculars without artillery around the map.

.There are 2 field radios in the map where you'll hear Richard Burtons voice every 45 secs. Radios are located in the house near the waterfall & the outpost east of the airport.

.The map is set at dusk.


=GG= Grey Guard Clan (for the alpha testing & forum space I recieved. Thank You.)
Topdeck (for your help & creating my website)
Innocent Bystander (for helping me with cvars & information)
Shosmiester (for the reliable elevator script)
Flipsen (for information & example of skybox)

Alpha Testers:

=GG= Gilvo
=GG= Pingahead
=GG= Maverick
=GG= Pyle
=GG= MrMoe
=GG= RocknRoll
=GG= TX Ranger
=GG= Snow Dog
=GG= Steiner
=GG= EuTh
=GGjr= Colt
+Immortal Bob+
Snafu -X-
Wunderkind -X-
Ux -X-
Chief Mole BT29

Contact: [email protected]

Website: http://www.users.on.net/~gdenatris/cod/cod.html

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