UO Crossroads

Don't let the name fool you! This Crossroads map by Dave Sweeny is a very unique one! It's got an excellent design, beautiful scenery, a...


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Don't let the name fool you! This Crossroads map by Dave Sweeny is a very unique one! It's got an excellent design, beautiful scenery, and four of my favorite gametypes: CTF, DOM, SD, and TDM. Check out the screenshots below, and download this one now! You don't want to miss it. ;)

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Download 'untied_offensive_mp_crossrd_beta.zip' (6.97MB)

Readme File:
Title: mp_crossrd_beta
Filename: mp_crossrd_beta.pk3
Author: dave sweeny alias lazygit WaRmongR
eMail Address: mappersalliance@yahoo.co.uk
Website URL: http:www.soldier-of-fortune.eclipse.co.uk
Release Date: 7th aug 2005

Bammers for some nice art work 

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Call of Duty United Offensive

Play Information

Game: Call of Duty United Offensive
Level Name: crossrd
Game Type: multiplayer
gametypes: CTF DOM S&D TDM


Build Time: to long
Editor Used: CoDUO-Graydiant
Known Bugs: dont know e-mail me if you find any

unzip and place mp_crossrd_beta.pk3 in your call of duty UO folder

Extended Description

this is a small village set in a crossroad location 

Author's Notes

thankyou for playing please dont forget to drop by www.modsonline.com and support the modding community
This map is a BETA and if you wish to e-mail me about this map please feel free to do so

Copyright / Permissions

Copyright and Distribution.

This map is released as Freeware.
As freeware you are permitted to distribute this
archive subject to the following conditions,

- The archive must be distributed without modification to the
contents of the archive. Redistributing this archive with any files
added, removed or modified is prohibited.

- The inclusion of any individual file from this archive in another
archive without the prior permission of the author is prohibited.

- No charge may be made for this archive other than that to cover the
cost of its distribution. If a fee is charged it must be made clear
to the purchaser that the archive is freeware and that the fee is to
cover the distributor's costs of providing the archive.

- The authors' rights and wishes concerning this archive must be

Copyright 2004 by “lazygit aka WaRmongR (dave sweeny)”
All Rights Reserved
E-mail: mappersalliance@yahoo.co.uk

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