UO mp_office

A nice looking map. An original cod map converted to UO.

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File Description

A nice looking map. An original cod map converted to UO.

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Well, finally it is here. Office! This map started as an original CoD map, but was converted to CoD:UO before releasing. Tooke me about 6 months to make, as it was only my second map for CoD I have ever made, and I wanted to make it good.

What's it got? TDM, DM, S&D, and CTF. What do I recommend? CTF is by far my favorite gametype for this map. S&D comes in second, and TDM takes 3rd just because you got teammates - I really dont like DM, but since it is so easy to add support I threw it in there.

I'd like to send a thanks out to MMS Wyatt Earp from ModsOnline.com for his help with the map. He really never touched the map file, but he gave me guidance with the GSC files and implementation of S&D gametype. What an awesome guy!

Hope you enjoy!

Take the *.pk3 file that is enclosed in the zip archive and place it in your Call of Duty\uo directory (where all the other *.pk3 files are such as pakuo04.pk3) and then just load up the game.

Yea, the fountain isn't perfect. Some minor visual glitches and it doesn't make any sound. But you get the idea, and that's all that matters! I could have spent a few more days fooling with it and getting help on the forums, but I didn't want to drag this project on and on and on, so that's it.

I borrowed some textures from an original CoD map called Landsitz. There are also TGO exclusive textures enclosed in this map - feel free to use any custom textures you like. However, not sure why you would since they are all pretty standard.

There is a sign I made for a certain DrZombie. It's a clan joke, and he's going to flip when he sees it is still in the final map! It says "$10 says DrZombie camps here" because he is the biggest camper in our clan and it is hanging over a spot that was built for camping.

Thanks for downloading my map! Drop some feedback on our forums at www.tgoclan.com or e-mail me personally at jdawgg@sollice.net. My AIM screenname is Jdawgg156 and my MSN is jdawgg@sollice.net

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