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Here's a pretty sweet new CoDUO multi-player map, which features an assortment of fun features to keep the game going to its fullest. ;) It...


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Here's a pretty sweet new CoDUO multi-player map, which features an assortment of fun features to keep the game going to its fullest. ;) It's got UO-specific things like compatibility in Base Assault and lots of vehicles to drive and shoot, plus it has very nice map elements like the landscaping and realistic placement of scenery and objects for cover. This is an all-around 'A+' map with great looks, excellent gameplay, and room for a relatively large amount of players! Check out the screenshots below to see this sucker in action, and download it now! ;)


By March 1945, the Rhine was the final barrier separating the Allies from the heart of Germany. Plans were underway to cross this barrier and capture the Ruhr, Germany's industrial heartland. With the capture of the Ruhr, Germany's war machine would eventually collapse. The area chosen by the Allies to make the amphibious crossing was between the German cities of Emmerich and Wesel. The 17th Airborne Division and 6th British Airborne Division assisted the crossing by seizing several important objectives in a massive daylight airborne assault. The Operation was known as Varsity.

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Download 'mp_wesel.zip' (7.19MB)

===                  Multi-Player Custom Map               ===
===              Release Date: April 12th, 2006            ===

This map supports:
	CTF - is NOT supported
	TDM - is NOT supported
	BEL - is NOT supported
	DM  - is NOT supported
	S&D - is NOT supported
	HQ  - is NOT supported
	RE  - is NOT supported
	DOM - is NOT supported

	GAMESTATE is around 26k while running the AnarchicMod2.0.  Additional mods 
	and excessive pk3 files will raise this number.

Extract mp_wesel.pk3 to your "uo" folder, typically 
located in "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\uo"

To load it via console, type /map mp_wesel (or /rcon map mp_wesel)

Delete any previous versions of wesel you may have

           NOTES FOR PLAYERS AND ADMINS         

- This map was designed specifically for Base Assault.  
  It will load up in DM, but will not be playable.  

- On rare occasions some players may have problems loading 
  the map. If this occurs, try the following:
  Start COD:UO, and bring down your console using the 
  tilde ("~") key. At the prompt type this:
	/seta com_hunkmegs "256"
  Now try to restart the game again. If you have any other 
  problems email me or stop by the Anarchic forums at 
  http://www.anarchic-x.com/forum and we'll be happy to help.

- Tris: Tris counts are high in certain area, this is greatly 
  in part to this being my first map.  The map will run well 
  with up to 40 players.

  Gamestate is all the information needed to initially transmit 
  game state information from the server to the client. There is 
  a fixed maximum size to this data of around 30,000 bytes instituted 
  by IW/GMI. When you exceed this limit you get a "MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS 
  exceeded" error. If your server runs mods like Merciless, AWE and/or 
  TotalWar, you may encounter the MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS error. This error 
  has not occured in repeated testing using AnarchicMod 2.0. It is 
  suggested that IF this error occurs, remove one mod at a time until 
  the map will load and complete a rotation.

                      CHANGE LOG
 - Fixed the lack of Enfield sound for some mods
 - Added more impact craters, destroyed vehicles & stone 
   walls for cover
 - Added a few more minefield markers
 - Adjusted angles on 3 of the 4 Flak 88's
 - Adjusted bunker health
 - New overhead map
 - MG42 at Axis 3
 - More alpha blending to signify which hills can be accessed
   via vehicle or on foot     

                     THANKS TO:

 - Everybody at Anarchic-x.com for all the help & support.  
 - gitman for bailing me out of several problems ranging from 
   the BAS gametype to PK3 structure.
 - logik for offering many helpful suggestions & giving me a 
   server to test on.
 - boog for spending many hours with me on his own server 
   searching for exploits, glitches/bugs.
 - GER-Iceman for the Tombstone skins & historical research, screenshots
 - Everyone at Anarchic-x.  You've all been incredibly helpful 
   in every way while I was making & testing this map.

Map by:  Cornrow Wallace
  -contact: http://www.anarchic-x.com/forum
Skins by:  GER-Iceman
  -contact: http://anarchic-x.com/forum

Readme file by Cornrow Wallace, ripped off from Flipsen. For 
any suggestions, advice, comments or whatsoever regarding 
the map, contact me at http://www.anarchic-x.com/forum.



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