Viper's Mega Arty Mod



Here we have another very cool file from Viper that relates to artillery! This one allows servers to replace the current artillery type with one of three other types: air strike, mortar barrage, or time on target. They're all really unique and really sweet, so just check out the ReadMe for detailed information on each. Great work, Viper! ;)



ReadMe for Nighthawk's Mega Arty Mod

This mod allows you to replace the original artillery with one of three new versions, an air strike, a mortar barrage, and time on target(ToT). These will be explained in detail later in the ReadMe. This is my second mod and feedback is appreciated.


Air Strike- The air strike is what it sounds like, two bombs. The two bombs will usally hit exactly where you place the binoculars so this form of arty is good for pin point work. But don't be fooled. The two bombs are also alot more powerful then the original artillery shells and can destroy multiple tanks if they are close enough together. Thi is good if run a larger server but can also be used on smaller servers.

Mortar Barrage- A mortar barrage is a small artillery barrage. The shells are smaller, the explosions are smaller, and there arn't as many shells falling. The shells all fall close to the target you designate and they all come down rather quickly. This version is suggested for servers that run smaller maps and is a good alternative if you dislike having 10 people all calling arty down on Carentan. It is also just as effectivy on a larger map but you will have  a hard time blowing up tanks.

Time on Target(ToT)- ToT is the most powerful artillery, and probaly the most powerful weapon, that you can have in this game as of now(you can make a mod that is stronger but I havn't seen one yet). It has shells that are a bit more powerful then the normal artillery, and there are twice as many shells falling, and they all fall almost at once. The effects are devestating. Because all the shells fall at once there is no time to get away. And because there are so many shells it's almost immpossible to use a simple rench or hole for cover as a shell is more then likely gonna land in your hole. The shells are also powerful enough that they can acually reach in through the roofs of houses if you are high enough in the house. I suggest using this version ONLY if you run a server with VERY large maps. And I also suggest downloading a mod that allows you to set the number of kills you need to get arty for alot higher, like 60 or 70. 

Pick which version of artillery you want and place that pk3, and only that pk3, in your UO folder. I would suggest reading through the different types of artillery and testing them all out to find just the right version. You can also simply follow my advice in the above info.

Thanks and Credits-

Thanks go first to IW/GMI for making such a great game.

I'll also thank the guys at After-Hourz as they gave me the idea to replace the mortar barrage shells with grenades to creat the smaller explosion.

And I'd also like to thank the following people for helping to test the mod.

All the members of my clan, The Sturm Grenadiers.
and BlackMamba.

Other Stuff-
Please do not use this mod for profit in any way. You are free to distribute the mod as long as I am given credit. You may also use any part of this mod in your own mod as long as I am given proper credit. You can contact me at   [email protected]

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