Wolfsbane Realism Mod v6 for GFM

The WRM maker has decided to make a version of WRM specifically for GFM, that is, Wolfsbane Realism Mod for the G[/b...


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The WRM maker has decided to make a version of WRM specifically for GFM, that is, Wolfsbane Realism Mod for the German Front Mod, for those of you who don't know the acronyms. :P Anyway, it's got tons of features and way too much to say here, so check out the ReadMe, and server admins: Put it on your server now! ;)

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Download 'wrm6_for_gfm_complete.zip' (404KB)

*************************WRM Version 6*************************

           for GERMAN FRONT MOD V.1 or V.1.01  running
           on CALL OF DUTY: United Offensive 1.51 ONLY


Welcome to Wolfsbane’s Realism Mod for German Front Mod running
on Call of Duty: United Offensive 1.51.  This mod, formerly
known as PRM (Poolmaster’s Realism Mod), is intended to provide
a more realistic, immersive game experience.  Originally
developed for our clan's server, its popularity demanded we
release the mod for other servers.

A replacement for the GFM V.1.01 server patch, WRM for GFM is a
server-side only mod; players are not required to download
anything in order to enjoy this mod on your server.  Nearly
every feature can be enabled or disabled and many of the
features have multiple settings, allowing you to configure the
mod to your liking.

For the latest WRM news and updates, please visit our website
at www.1stsf-ss.com.

Changes to GFM:
- All stock UO gametypes playable in GFM with improved
- Weapon handling anomalies corrected
- Automatic adjustment of team models to conform with GFM
  allowing almost all American vs. German and some British or
  Russian vs.German stock and custom maps to be used without
- More realistic medics

Optional features:
- No crosshairs
- No HUD
- Realistic damage effects, including bleeding, stance and speed
  restrictions based on wounds, falling prone with significant
  damage, dropping weapon on hand or arm hits, and realistic fall
- Realistic weapon settings for improved accuracy and damage
- “Use” key menu system for many player-controlled options such
	o Bandaging to stop bleeding
	o Glance at your HUD and check ammo
	o Clearing weapon jams
	o Surrender or demand the enemy to surrender
	o Give ammo or bandages to another player
	o Turn FPS and Lag meter on or off
- Multiple map rotations based on number of players
- Spawn protection with optional damage reflection
- Force AFK players to spectator mode
- Enhanced and removable obituaries
- Warnings to Unknown Soldiers and UnnamedPlayers to change their
  name or, optionally, be removed from play
- Team-kill warnings and enforcement
- One primary weapon limitation (anti-tank weapons may be allowed
  as secondary weapons)
- No respawn with captured weapons
- No respawn with anti-tank weapons
- Customizable ammo distributions
- Clan versus non-clan mode
- Clan-only voting
- Player interactive round-start delay, free-moving or with
  players locked in place.
- Rotating server messages
- Mortar effects

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