Zeke's Mega Piano

Heres a fun little map thats a giant keyboard.


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File Description

Heres a fun little map thats a giant keyboard.

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Title: Zeke's Mega Piano
BSP: mp_megapiano
Game: Call of Duty: United Offensive
Author: xXezekielXx

-+[ Introduction ]+-
 Yesterday (12-06-04), I was extremely bored.  I didn't feel like working on VoW v2.0 or anything else, so I decided to make a joke map.  Have you ever seen those giant pianos at the toy stores on which kids jump around and play little melodies?  Well, I thought it'd be hilarious (and maybe even fun) to bring that little toy to CoD.  Prior to starting and finishing this map, I knew nothing about triggers.  I've always wanted to get them working, but I never could figure out how.  At least, not until I really dug into the subject when creating this map.  Anyway, I picked up my ideas from mp_uo_stanjel and ended up learning a ton on my own, so I figured I might help you (mappers of the community) by sharing what I found I could do.  Have fun!

-+[ Features ]+-
  The map has 25 working keys (15 white, 10 black).  Just run across or jump on them to play!

-+[ Installation ]+-
  To install the map, place the "user-ZekesMegaPiano_xXezekielXx.pk3" file in your 'Call of Duty\uo' folder.  To uninstall, delete or move the pk3 out of your 'Call of Duty\uo' folder.

-+[ Credits ]+-
 -Providing a public test server ........... <(TE)> clan

-+[ Contact Information ]+-
 -AIM: zekecoasterfreak
 -E-mail*, MSN: Download the zip to see!

   *If you e-mail me, please put something like "CoD Map - Zeke's Mega Piano" in the subject line, so I don't mistake your mail for trash!

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