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Here's the second release of ZoXo's awesome compilation of mods and other assorted elements for CoDUO. This version is absolutely packed to...


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Here's the second release of ZoXo's awesome compilation of mods and other assorted elements for CoDUO. This version is absolutely packed to the brim with new stuff -- the file size difference between this and version 1 should tip you off! Not only does it have new mods and customizations added into the mix but it also comes up with two separate versions: v2 and the "Modern" version. They both have almost completely different setups and additions to them, but the extent to which this applies is way too deep to talk about here. I can only refer you to the detailed ReadMe below for an idea of what's included herein! ;) With that in mind, make sure you give it a read, and download this amazing mod now!

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Download 'zoxo_v2_mod.zip' (26.68MB)

ZoXo Custom Mod - Version 2 & Modern
[email protected]

---------------------------------To Those Who Would Use This Mod:-------------------------------

      All thanks and appreciation should be directed at whose mods I have used (stolen).  

My only ability is to discern what they have done, and assemble them together to make a 
compatible and functioning marriage of ideas.  On that note for those of you who like what 
AWE brings to this game, this mod is an attempt to build upon those features.  I have spent 
hours downloading and using the mountain of available mods and have come up with this 
complementary package, and have run out of available features that IMHO serve to enhance 
the AWE mod.  If there are features that you think would also do that (beyond the realism mods,
which is a whole other camp, and not applicable to what is trying to be accomplished with this 
mod) but they do not work alongside this mod (or AWE) I would love to be able to keep adding 
more.  Otherwise this can be considered FINAL (or BETA, if users report bugs, I will respond
with fixes if possible).

Place either (or both) folders in your Call of Duty Folder, make your config file or use the 
included template and fill in the necessary info.  Remember that clients will have to download
(Modern version is 18 meg).


Version 2
New Mods Incorporated
to me: greasersnoopy
if you have questions comments, about this mod contact me at
[email protected]
all weapons for cod!!!
filename: zzz_allweapons.pk3

Version Modern
New Mods Incorporated
Tally's Modern Weapons for UO Mod
to the creators of SWAT
To FK for Revolt.
[email protected]
Developer: Chain

Added to both versions
Three melee sound files that were taken from a now unremembered mod that I downloaded off of a 
game server.  I liked the sounds so I decided to put them in.  This gives you the opportunity 
to use your own as well by replacing the following files on the client side file:


Always remember to keep the same name(s) and repack and use the same filename.

Thanks to the above who actually created these mods, I am able to bring them to 
another place. Here is what I did:

Notes V2
The FG42 Paratroop mod was just added with the following changes:
1. Renamed to FG42
2. Sway turned off

All Weapons: I basically incorporated DeathRayX's mod with a few changes and additions.
Rather than choosing a weapon based on the team, the weapons are divided into 
Machine Guns, Rifles, and Support (sniper and LMG).  The limit of objects for a 
menu was tweaked so that the descriptions and properties are all viewable.  I also 
added the Total War Extreme pictures from FIREFLY56's all weapons mod, but I did 
not use any of his scripting or menus (the pictures add a nice touch).

Notes Modern
Modern Weapons Mod: I just had to add the necessary files on top of the base.  I modified
some of the AWE files to match the scripting in the Modern Weapons files.  I also tweaked the
AWE scripting so that in-game references to the weapons use the Modern Weapons names. (Except
for when you select another weapon in-game it still says 'You will respawn with . . .': 
I couldn't find that anywhere in the AWE scripts so I think it is generated by the original
files, so I left it.  Any suggestions?)

DA BOMB Mod: I renamed it to TNT and added a reference to the HUD icon so that when it is
selected it will show the graphic I "created" for the HUD. (basically the in-game graphic, made
black and white, and turned into a masked graphic for use in the HUD.)  I also tweaked the
AWE scripting so that in-game references and graphics of the TNT are accurate (such as placing
remote satchels).

Music selection is also changed for this version, but feel free to use your own. (see 
instructions for version 1)

Final Thoughts
If you have not downloaded and used version 1, there is a read me file included that has further
explanations regarding the features and use of this mod. Version 2 is built over version 1 and
has the same functionality.

The same config file can be used for both versions.

When CoD2 is ported for mac, I may decide to try the same thing.

I make no guarantee's for using these mods.  I have run into unexplained bugs a few times that 
seemed to be map related and non-reproducable.  If you use this mod and encounter any persistent
bugs and would like me to try to fix them (please keep in mind I have only stolen up to this
point and have not created any of these mods, so my knowledge of the overall picture is limited)
please contact me on the following boards:




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