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Here's a brand new version of the ZoXo Custom Mod by ZoXo, of course. :P This CoDUO collection is comprised of a number of different mods b...

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Here's a brand new version of the ZoXo Custom Mod by ZoXo, of course. :P This CoDUO collection is comprised of a number of different mods by a variety of authors (including one by me! :D ) and is made to offer players a fresh experience in the game. There's quite a lot to read on ZoXo's mod; I suggest you simply have a look at the ReadMe below, and download the mod now for more information! ;)


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ZoXo Custom Mod - Version X

   All thanks and appreciation should be directed at whose mods I have used (stolen).  

--- This mod built by request for the United Brotherhood Clan (www.ubclan.net) and is currently
running on two of their servers as of July 2006.  If you are a clan that would like to use this
mod with a customizable name here is what you do:  unpack the server side .pk3 and open the file
named '_awe_server_logo.gsc' (found in the folder 'server_logo') and follow the instructions.  It
should open with a text editor.  Save the changes and repack. ---

For credits see Version 2/Modern.

Place folder in your Call of Duty Folder, make your config file or use the included template 
and fill in the necessary info.  Remember that clients will have to download. The included 
template config file is now expanded to include the complete AWE config reference, but only the 
settings I use are enabled.  It will be up to you to add what you want.

Version 1 and 2/Modern read me's are included for reference.

This is basically the same mod with modern weapons replacing all of the standard weapons and 
pistols. (All stolen from the SWAT mod, and the United Sniper Squad Modern Weapons V1.)
All the weapons were modified to some degree to attain balance and realistic game play.
Weapons are also divided amongst the teams instead of all weapon selection.  This was done in
the interest of making the teams have strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited based
upon the logistics and layout of the game and map.

No selectable LMG's (grab a turret if you like to camp, placed LMG's in maps are usable).

The modern weapons now use the default reticle instead of the red dot, but you can still turn
on the red dot and turn off the crosshairs in the config (all weapons will be affected).  The
only weapon with a default red dot is the HK G36, which comes standard with the red dot scope.

TNT when used as a remote detonable now has the correct explosion fx and damage.

Three weapons have a selectable grenade launcher that uses the grenades you are loaded with.

There are some incomplete features that do not affect gameplay:
1 - Using all of your available grenades in the launcher does not make the HUD icon go away as 
it does when you use all of your grenades for throwing.  It will let you select the grenades, 
but you will not raise one for use if selected.  You will have to select a different weapon 
if you are all out.  The weapons with the grenade launchers are not shown with them in the 
models, in the HUD, or in the menu pictures.
2 - The RPG-7 does not have a reload animation, and it does not always appear aligned with the 
ground or in the rocket launcher boxes on maps.  The reload sound is there so you know when 
it is being reloaded.  All the launchers have been replaced with the RPG-7, and since the game 
still treats them as separate weapons, the ammo is not interchangeable if the weapon placed 
in the map is not the same as the one you are holding.

The weapons are:
Steyr Stg. 77 AUG with selectable grenade launcher
HK G3A3 with bayonet
HK MP5 with selectable silencer
Beretta M12
HK G36
Sako TRG 22
Glock pistol
M4A1 Carbine with selectable grenade launcher
M16 with bayonet
UZI with selectable silencer
Ingram MAC M11
M9 pistol
M4A1 Carbine with selectable grenade launcher
M16 with bayonet
SIG SG 552
UZI with selectable silencer
Ingram MAC M11
Remington 700
P99 pistol
AKM with bayonet and selectable grenade launcher
SIG SG 552
UZI with selectable silencer
Dragunov Sniper
Tariq .32ACP pistol

Contact me on the following boards:




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