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Here's a new compilation of previously released (and in some cases, slightly altered) mods for CoDUO by ZoXo. There are lots of things incl...


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Here's a new compilation of previously released (and in some cases, slightly altered) mods for CoDUO by ZoXo. There are lots of things included in this collection, way too many to list, but in short: full AWE features; sniper rifles with three zoom modes and no sway; two artillery modes; selection of all weapons; main menu, info menu, and spectator music; two grenade modes; and pistols replaced by Uzis. As I said before, the pack of mods was assembled from a large range that already existed in the community, including one I made a long, long time ago. :) ZoXo has provided a good deal of credit for each of the authors of the respective mods, so it's all good: We're clear to release this monster. ;) If you're interested in any combination of these mini-mods, then download this big pack now! :thumbsup:

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Download 'zoxo_v1_mod.zip' (7.06MB)

ZoXo Custom Mod - Version 1

Running on the server ZoXo for Call of Duty United Offensive this mod creates a server with
the following:

1. Full AWE features available, I only use the following with the included config template
	a. secondary weapon select
	b. parachuting; unprotected
	c. modified sprint time and recovery
	d. searchable bodies
	e. laserdot; red
	f. rain and snow, cold breath
	g. pop heads and helmets
	h. taunts
	i. pain sounds, hud hits and bulletholes, and bloodyscreen
	j. weapon drop on hit
	k. trip on hit
	l. tripwires
	m. remote satchels
	n. extended jeep and tank respawn times
	o. mobile turrets
	p. 1 PTRS41 added to tank maps
	q. battle rank levels modified
	r. battle rank load outs modified
	s. burning bodies
	t. random map voting
	u. custom server logo
	v. obituaries
	w. deathshock
	x. all other AWE features are either turned off or at their default

2. Sniper rifles with 3 zoom modes and no sway.
3. 2 artillery modes
4. All weapons selection
5. Main menu music, info menu music, spectator music
6. 2 Grenade modes
7. Pistols replaced by Uzi's

This mod was frankensteined from the following mods:
Name   : AWE (Additional War Effects)
Version: 2.12
Author : Bell
Site   : http://www.awemod.com/
Forum  : http://forum.awemod.com/
{Sn][per}Weapons Modv2 by {Sn][per}Shadowlord
www.snipergaming.net or www.snipergaming.com
Included in this mod were the Merciless Blood FX.
Advanced Artillery Modification BETA
By Nighthawk
Contact Info- If you have any problems with the mod contact me at callofduty1414@gmail.com
COD UO Weapons Mod
Created By - DeathRayX
Idea from - DeathRayX - LAN members
contact me : deathrayx@yahoo.com
game:              Call Of Duty-UO
name:              Spectator music
author:            13|Bullyson
website:           http://www.13clan.com
email:             pccombat@gmail.com
x-fire:            bullyson
version:           1.2
UO Nade Throw Mod
by: xXezekielXx
Author Information
Name: xXezekielXx
E-mail: Download the file to see!
Website: http://www.EzekielVictor.com/
AIM: zekecoasterfreak
MSN: Download the file to see!
Contact Notes: Please include an appropriate subject line for e-mails, so I don't mistake 
them for trash!
UZI UO mod
Johny KCZ - e.johny@tiscali.cz

I would like to thank all of the above modders who I have basically stolen from to create 
this mod.  I do not take any credit whatsoever for this mod. It is only an attempt to 
include the features in all of the mods I like into one mod without causing conflicts 
between them, as some of you may know happens quite often.  This has been tested but is 
by no means declared bug free.  Thank you for downloading this and I hope you enjoy it!
If anyone makes anymore mods that I like the features of I may choose to include them in
what would be version 2.

This mod is intended for deathmatch. Other gametypes are certainly usable, but since I
have not tested them, I make no promises for compatibility with anything but deathmatch.

To use this mod:
Place the folder ZoXo in your Call of Duty Folder.  Create a new shortcut of your Call of Duty
application and add the following to the shortcut target:
+set fs_game ZoXo +exec <your config>.cfg

and if you want to run in dedicated mode add:
+set dedicated 2

when server is launched type into the console: map_rotate
(this assumes you have filled in the necessary info in the config file or created a new one)

Place the folder ZoXo in your Call of Duty Folder. Launch Call of Duty. Go to the mods menu
and load the mod. Using the console (press `(~)) type exec <your config>.cfg and then type 
map_rotate. (this assumes you have filled in the necessary info in the config file or created 
a new one) if you want to run in dedicated type: set dedicated 2 before typing map_rotate.

Your guess is as good as mine here, sorry!!

If you need any assistance with this mod, you can email me, or private message me on the
following boards:


The main base of this mod is from AWE 2.12.  Certain aspects of the AWE scripting was changed.
Additions were made from the other mods and incorporated into the AWE base.  Here is the

AWE: all features of AWE are available through the config file setup. (If you do not
understand this, this is not a good place to learn it, see the AWE mod info if you want
to learn about setting up and using AWE).  I have included a template config file that
represents how I chose to run this mod.  Certain things will need to be filled in if you
choose to use this template.  Other features can be accessed by researching the AWE mod
and using the config file examples provided with the AWE mod. Unlike the AWE examples, I
have not included unused and default config settings, so if you plan to change the way
this mod operates, you need to use the info from the AWE mod.

Included with the client file are 13 taunt files.  I set them up to play on all teams.
If you would like to add your own taunts, here is how:

*see note at end of file

1. Unpack the w_ZoXo_v1_client.pk3 file
2. Open the folder sound/taunts
3. Replace any or all of the taunt .mp3 files with your own. Any that you replace should
   be renamed to the same name so that they will work.
4. Repack the folder, rename it if necessary to the same name.

{Sn][per}Weapons Modv2: I only used the sniper rifle weapon modifications from this mod.
I also used the Merciless Blood FX that were included with this mod.

13 CLAN SPECTATOR MUSIC: I used this mod as a template and edited the code myself to
have music in the main menu, info menu through to the weapons select (cuts out after the
first weapon selection if you use secondary weapon selection as allowed by the AWE mod),
and the spectator music that this mod does.  The music is my selection.
If you want to add your own music here is how:

*see note at end of file

1. Unpack the w_ZoXo_v1_client.pk3 file
2. Open the folder sound/music
3. Replace mainmenu1.mp3 with music you would like to play in the main menu and info menu.
   Name it the same so it will work.
4. Replace warmusic1.mp3 with music you would like to play when entering spectator mode
   from the team menu. Name it the same so it will work. This music will not play 
   when the game arbitrarily enters spectator mode.
5. Repack the folder, rename it if necessary to the same name. 

COD UO Weapons Mod was for the most part just added, but I also modified the soundaliases
files (.csv) so that weapon sounds would be heard regardless if a map was being played that
did not intend those weapons to be active, hence a 'silent weapon'. This is mostly only a
problem with the stock maps, but a few custom maps as well.

The UO Nade Throw Mod files were edited to my preference and to work alongside the features
found in the underlying AWE base.

Advanced Artillery Modification BETA, and UZI UO mod were simply added.

periodically changing this music will cause your clients to have to download this 
file again. Unless you have a fast server, or you are redirecting downloads from a fast 
server, it is recommended that you use mp3 files to keep the file size as small as
possible.  If you want to use .wav files you will have to change the following two files
found in the client side soundaliases folder:


These files will want to open using Microsoft Excel, but it is better just to edit them
using a text editor.  Look for the names of the soundfiles you want to change to .wav files
and simply replace .mp3 with .wav and repack the folder. Alternately if you want to use
different names for the files, this would be the place to change them.

I am a mac user, so the program I use to make .pk3 files is iPak3, it's free and it works great.

You are on your own for the other platforms.


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