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The name is kind of funny, but it has meaning to it! The reason it's "Rifles Mods" is because there are actually two mods included: one...


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The name is kind of funny, but it has meaning to it! The reason it's "Rifles Mods" is because there are actually two mods included: one for all rifles and one for bolt-action rifles only. The point is, you server-admin fans of rifle games will have multiple options available to you to suit your clients' desires. :) As an added bonus, crosshairs are automatically disabled on the rifles (clients won't be able to use them, even when they have the option turned on). Just make sure your clients download the mod themselves in order for everything to work properly!


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Download 'zoxo_rifles_mods.zip' (2.43MB)

ZoXo Rifles Mods
These were built to fill a request for a clan.  I used the following:

for the scope-less springfield (M1903A4):
and the team pictures:
all weapons for cod!!!
filename: zzz_allweapons.pk3

Here are the features:

All rifle selection for all teams divided into rifles and sniper rifles.
Rifle selection restricted to bolt only including sniper rifles.  Divided by team selection.
The American team has the scope-less springfield added to even the playing field on American
maps.  The American weapons are also renamed to reflect accuracy.
Both Mods:
The cross-hairs are removed from the weapon files themselves, bypassing the need (or want)
to turn off cross-hairs.  They will not show up even with cross-hairs turned on by the
client.  This includes all handheld weapons, should a map contain an SMG, LMG, or rocket 
launcher there will be no cross-hairs, forcing players to aim down the sight.  It will be 
up to server admins should they want to exclude weapons that may appear in maps laying 
around (Pavlov has an mp44 laying in the center building basement, POW camp has an mp44
laying beside a building). Only handheld weapons were modified so tanks, turrets, and the 
flak88 will function normally.
Placing either on of these in the UO folder will work, but clients will have possible
unpure server and other issues on other servers.  Placing the mod in its own folder is 
the most desirable situation, but you are the admin, it's your choice!
Contact me on the following boards:




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