Barbarossa II: Smolensk Final Released!

[img]http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/61/others/2006_02_13_smolensk.jpg[/img] Here's the final release of the famed sequel to Barbaros...

0 18 years ago
Barbarossa II: Smolensk Beta 2 Released!

[img]http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/61/others/2006_02_05_smolensk.jpg[/img] Now released is the second version of the latest map sen...

0 18 years ago
After-Hourz Releases New Map Barbarossa II: Smolensk!

[img]http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/61/others/2006_01_26_smolensk.jpg[/img] Yes, that's right! In an effort to expand on the grea...

0 18 years ago
Barbarossa Final Released!

[img]http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/61/others/2005_06_21_barbarossa_final.jpg[/img] Sorry I'm a few days behind, but the well-known ...

0 19 years ago
AfterHourz.com Releases Beta of Ardennes 1944!

That's, right! They've finally released a version of the map for us to test! :D Read Drecks' summary of the map below, see the screenshots...

0 19 years ago
Barbarossa Beta 2 Released!

The After-Hourz team has released Barbarossa Beta 2! Check out all the information below: [img]http://www.after-hourz.com/misc/slyk/...

0 19 years ago
Barbarossa Beta 1 Released!

[img]http://www.after-hourz.com/misc/slyk/media/barb1release.jpg[/img] After-Hourz.com Development Team presents: "Barbarossa". The Blitz...

0 19 years ago
Barbarossa Movie Trailer Released!

[img]http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/61/banners/banner_operation_barbarossa.jpg[/img] There's nothing for me to write here. After-Ho...

0 19 years ago
Barbarossa Map - HUGE Update!

This is a change of pace for me! The news e-mail was sent in perfect formatting and everything, so I'll just copy and paste it right in her...

0 19 years ago
Barbarossa Map 'Artillery in Action' Videos

Here we have two sweet videos from the Barbarossa map, which showcase two of the new artillery pieces in action. [url="http://callofduty.fi...

0 19 years ago
Screenshots/Videos of 13 New Vehicles and 3 New Artillery Pieces!

After-Hourz has come up with a good load of pictures and videos of their new pack of vehicles and artillery pieces, and they're looking awes...

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