Original Map by Created By Rollonmath42


FINALLY!! FIVE is here for Call of Duty: World at War (PC ONLY!!!!). I had quite some help with this map after building the basic layout so I think I should go ahead and show who has helped directly and indirectly:

-uptownpapi25 (CCoD and one of my subscribers on YT) - Helped out with about 40% and if not, 50% of the map as well as ideas so huge thanks! He was also one of the beta testers.

-tyraddema (CCoD) - He let me have the Black Ops weapon files so I can modify the WaW weapon files so the guns are more like the Black Ops guns. But the guns do no have the same sounds and models...

-Tom_bmx (ZM) - The music box itself.

-nukem (ZM) - His one way teleporter scripts actually helped me form the FIVE teleporters.

-Mr.Hankey (CCoD and ZM) - Elevator and script placer

-Sniperbolt (CCoD) - The perk prefabs.

-DoctorGleich (CCoD), PCModMan (ZM), and All0utWar (CCoD and ZM) - Beta testers.

-Treyarch - Making an awesome map for me to make this off of! :P

Enough chit-chat, how about some actual information about the map. :)

Build Time: 3 months


-No Dogs or Annoying Scientist! :)


-4 Perks

-1 Non Moving Box

-2 Armories

-No Pack a Punch :(   (couldn't get it to work even using prefab)

-Weapons around the map

-FIVE teleporter system

-Most guns are modified (including name) to be exactly the same stats as the Black Ops guns*

-1 Elevator

-Music box

Recommended amount of players: Any except one ;)

Here is a list of the guns modified:

M1 Carbine ~ M16

STG-44 ~ AK74u

M1 Garand ~ M14

Trench Gun ~ Stakeout

Thompson ~ MPL

Type 99 ~ PM63

Double Barrel ~ Olympia

MP40 ~ MP5K

.357 Magnum ~ Python

FG42 ~ AUG

Browning ~ HK21

MG42 ~ RPK

Gewehr 43 ~ Galil (HELL YEAH)

PTRS 41 ~ Dragunov

Kar98k ~ L96A1  (    :)    )



1.Every now and then a zombie will get "stuck" and stay in the spawning area and not move.

2.The Browning's gun fire sound does not work correctly.

MAJOR: YOU WILL screw up the game if you use the elevator while the round is changing. GET A CRAWLER and then use the elevator to go downstairs. I highly suggest also buying the blocker in the War Room to get downstairs once you use the elevator just to be sure that the game doesn't screw up. I have tried to fix this problem but it doesn't not go away so take my advice unless you are a cheater.

Even with the glitches, enjoy playing FIVE!


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