FRU Rathaus: Xmas Edition



This is the Christmas edition of FRU Rathaus, also made by ElimLDR and among the multiple maps by the FRU clan. This map uses the prototype mod and features custom textures and sounds similar to that of Subway Christmas. Changes have been made since your last visit in this abandoned town hall, so you might want to find your precious box again because it looks like the Zombies don't want any other gift besides your head.




Map Title : nazi_zombie_fruxmas
Map Version : 1.1 FINAL !
Author : [FRU]ElimLDR
E-mail : elim @ clanfru.com
Website : http://www.clanfru.com


Game : Call of Duty: World at War

Supported Gametype : nazi_zombie
Map Size : 4-6 : Medium-Small Map


Contents of this Package :

		mod.arena				Lists the mod in map selection
		nazi_zombie_fruxmas.iwd			Contains IWIs
		nazi_zombie_fruxmas.ff		        Map Fast File
		nazi_zombie_fruxmas_load.ff		Loadscreen Fast File
		mod.ff					Mod file for zombie gametype


Installation Instructions:


*Make sure you have hidden files and folders visible.*

STEP1: Create directories

You need to have the following directories, if you dont then
create them:

For Vista users:


For XP users:

c:\documents and setting\XXX\local settings\Application


*XXX is your windows login.


Now extract nazi_zombie_fruxmas.zip to your desktop. Then
go to your desktop and COPY the whole folder. Now paste the
folder in the mods directory you created (or already have). So
it should be something like this..

c:\documents and setting\XXX\local settings\Application


c:\documents and setting\XXX\local settings\Application

...on xp.

-Start CoD:WaW singleplayer
-Click on mods and launch nazi_zombie_fruxmas
-Once the game is back up select co-op
-Scroll the co-op maps till you find nazi_zombie_fruxmas
then hit OK. Make sure you hit ok and not back or esc.
-Start the game and have fun. 

*To play with 4 players all players including the host must
launch the usermaps mod first or you will crash out.


Construction Time : 50 hours

Custom Content : Models,sounds,textures

Known Bugs : All known bugs have been removed after 2
nights of testing. if you find a bug please report it to elim©clanfru.com


changes since nazi_zombie_frurathaus Beta

1.custom sounds added
2.custom textures added
3.snow added
4.xmas lights,tree etc etc added
5.stairs 1 bug fixed you can no longer jump onto the blocker from the other side
6. stairs 2 fixed you can no longer climb under the blocker
7. music boxed moved to upstairs. make it more difficult and a better game (so feedback says anyways lol)

Credit to Other Authors :

Map by: [FRU]ElimLDR
Loadscreen by: [FRU]Kaos


Special Thanks :

Thanks goes out to MY SON pe pe who gave me ideas and who wanted steps in the house lol.. well he is only 4 but he knew what he wanted. and from clan FRU who tested the
map and gave me inspiration. and all
the people from modsonline who helped. To [FRU]Kaos for the
awsome loadsceen. and finally to my wife for putting up with me !

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