Incubo ad Anzio

nazi_zombie_anzio.zip —


Old Nazi Zombies map that uses the prototype mod by RabbiT. Try to survive on the beach of Anzio. The map is in 3 different areas, including outside at the beach, the church with a mystery box, and finally in the cantina underground for a last stand.




Map Title                : Incubo ad Anzio
Map Version              : 1.0
Author                   : RabbiT
Email                    : [email protected]
Website                  : www.CoDMapping.com - www.4mori.biz


Game                     : Call of Duty: World at War (PC)
Supported Gametype       : Cooperative
                         : Singleplayer
                         : Co-op zombies
Map Size                 : 1-4 : Medium Map


Contents of this Package :

     mod.arena				Lists the mod in map selection
     nazi_zombie_anzio.iwd		Contains IWIs
     nazi_zombie_anzio.ff		Map Fast File
     nazi_zombie_anzio_load.ff		Loadscreen Fast File
     mod.ff				Mod file for zombie gametype


Installation Instructions:

     Extract to--
(XP)C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_PROFILE\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\

     **Yes all the files go inside mods\nazi_zombie_anzio, even the map**

     Launch CoDWaW.exe, go to Mods and launch "nazi_zombie_anzio".
     You MUST launch the mod to play the map, there is no way
     around this.

     Create a lobby and invite your friends who already have the mod.
     There is no HTTP Redirect or downloading off the host in Co-op.
     Change the server to Nazi zombie Mode and it'll be listed on map list.

SOLO Playing: If you wish to play alone then open console
              (~) and type "/map nazi_zombie_anzio".  The number of
              zombies increases with more players so solo play is

     Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

     If you are having any problems setting up this map, please report your problems at CoDMapping.com

Construction Time        : 20 days

Custom Content           : None

Known Bugs               : Some light flickering on some models

Report all but not shown above at CoDMapping.com


Credit to Other Authors  :

     Peri, He made the rough design of the underground part of the map.
     The prefab was altered a lot :P


Special Thanks           :

     Sparks,For sharing some laughs and "catching" my FX mistypo.
     All members of codmapping.com for just being there :D
     All members and testers of 4Mori clan,I love you guys.     
     Infinity Ward
     www.customcod.com for hosting the map.

Additional Notes         :

     If you want to make your own Zombie map,visit us at

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