Nazi Zombie Gefangnis

Old World at War Nazi Zombies map by Ottawolf, taking place inside a large prison. This map uses the prototype mod and comes with 7 playable...


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Old World at War Nazi Zombies map by Ottawolf, taking place inside a large prison. This map uses the prototype mod and comes with 7 playable areas, custom textures, unique AI animations, and other surprises waiting just in store for you. All the original file contents are restored in this upload.

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Download '' (46.06MB)


Map Title                : nazi zombie gefangnis
Map Version              : 1.0
Author                   : Ottawolf
Email                    : 
Website                  : 
xfire                    : 
Feedback forum           :
                           Please use this link to notify us any problems you might encounter.

Game                     : Call of Duty: World at War (PC)
Supported Gametype       : Cooperative
                         : Singleplayer
                         : Co-op zombies
Map Size                 : 1-4 : Medium Map


Contents of this Package :
                          mod.arena				Lists the mod in map selection
                          nazi_zombie_gefangnis.iwd		Contains IWIs
                          nazi_zombie_gefangnis.ff		Map Fast File
                          nazi_zombie_gefangnis_load.ff		Loadscreen Fast File
                          mod.ff				Mod file for zombie
                          images folder				custom textures
			  screenshot folder			screenshots
                          Some screenshots,the readme.

Changes from 1.0 Release:

                         - this is the beta test


Installation Instructions:

     Extract to--
(XP)C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_PROFILE\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\

     **Yes all the files go inside mods\nazi_zombie_gefangnis, even the map**

     Launch CoDWaW.exe, go to Mods and launch "nazi_zombie_gefangnis".
     You MUST launch the mod to play the map, there is no way
     around this.

     Create a lobby and invite your friends who already have the mod.
     There is no HTTP Redirect or downloading off the host in Co-op.
     Change the server to Nazi zombie Mode and it'll be listed on map list.

SOLO Playing: If you wish to play alone then open console
              (~) and type "/map nazi_zombie_gefangnis".  The number of
              zombies increases with more players so solo play is

     Have fun!!

     If you are having any problems setting up this map, please report your problems at

Construction Time        : 38 days

Custom Content           : cod4 textures, moving cieling fan (just testing this), spot lights

Known Bugs               : 
			 : Zombies on main floor, during first level stand still, after that they come into play no problem. This happens 25% of the time

Report all but not shown above at


Credit to Other Authors  :


Special Thanks           :,,,
			 : Rabbit from and CODNeRd from for your tuts.
                         : Treyarch
                         : The websites for hosting the map.
			 : The private testing team

Additional Notes	 : See the above sites for great tutorials and lots of members who can help out alot.

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