nazi_zombie_Mario_64 (Old Super Mario 64 Map)

*Note: Reupload from ModDB to here. I am not the creator of this map but I do wish to preserve it regardless.An old abandoned Super Mario 64...


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*Note: Reupload from ModDB to here. I am not the creator of this map but I do wish to preserve it regardless.

An old abandoned Super Mario 64 map by wwwmRappiidZz that is forever unfinished and difficult to find on the internet. For that reason, I am uploading the map here so it isn't lost entirely. While it may not be much, the ZCT mod does add some flavor, even if the map itself is unfinished and rough to play.

I remember browsing years ago finding a map called nazi_zombie_Mario_64, which was a Super Mario 64 map way before the popular Super Mario 64 map by vinnyz500. The name of the map is simply nazi_zombie_Mario_64, which uses the ZCT mod which was pretty popular before the UGX mod came in and pretty much every map maker switched to that if they want modern guns. That is not to say that the ZCT mod still isn't fun, it sure has a nostalgia charm to it, it just served its days and is now outclassed by future maps and mods. Now a lot of maps before the UGX mod used the ZCT mod (primarily ZCT 2.0), and nazi_zombie_Mario_64 is one of them. You got the ZCT weapon line up and powers, the perks, tougher zombies, and death at around ever corner. The map itself is unfinished, so you won't explore much outside of what is shown on the preview screenshot. Can't go upstairs, downstairs, not to any of the rooms, not even going to say the Bowser boss battle or anything. Just one room, one box, and that's it. Makes me wonder what this map could have been if it were finished, but guess that's wishful thinking. Oh well, hope you enjoy the map even if there isn't a whole lot going on, I had some fun for some couple of rounds.

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