Nazi Zombie Modern Weapons 1.0

A weapon mod by Way2Evil, released as early as March 21, 2009. This gameplay mod replaces almost all the World at War weapons into modern we...


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A weapon mod by Way2Evil, released as early as March 21, 2009. This gameplay mod replaces almost all the World at War weapons into modern weapons featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Please read the readme text file if you fail to get it to work.

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Download '' (52.65MB)



Hi and thank you for downloading my mod.

This mod will replace allmost every weapon in CODWaW zombie mode with modern weapons.
Exceptions because they would still be used today anyway are: Molotov, M2 Flamethrower, Double Barrel Sawnoff.


Mod Official Tital: Nazi Zombie Modern Weapons
Mod Version: 1.0
Author: Way2Evil (CODWaW friend name: SDP-Panther )
Helped by: Corey &
Vocals by: Corey, CodNerd & Way2Evil


Game                     	: Call of Duty: World at War (PC!!!!)
Supported Gametype       	: Zombie mode

Compatibility with maps/mods  : If the other mod doesn't use the mod.ff file then you can copy these files into it's folder
					  Same goes for maps, but maps sometimes add the mod.ff file with nothing in it. (1kb file)
					  So it will still work if you copy this mod over that mod.ff file.
					  Do NOT rename the mod.ff file or this mod won't work.


Installation Instructions:


     Extract to--
(XP)C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_PROFILE\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\modern_1-0

If these fail and you can't see the mod, try the installation folder:

C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\mods\modern_1-0

     Launch CoDWaW.exe, go to Mods and launch "Modern_1-0".
     You MUST launch the mod to play the mod, there is no way
     around this. (don't join a server that runs this mod without launching it first)

     Create a lobby and invite your friends who already have the mod.
     There is no HTTP Redirect or downloading off the host in Co-op.
     Change the server to Nazi zombie Mode. (do not try to use this on the campaign it will probably crash)

     If you are having any problems setting up this map, please report your problems at



Additional Notes         :
     You may create the game as normal after the
     mod is active.  If you wish to play alone then open console
     (~) and type "/map nazi_zombie_prototype". 


Known bugs: (Can't fix these)  =(

-M4M203 (nade to bullet animation don't work correct)
-M4 reflextion (just a little on the side of the scope)
-ADS_up anim Skorpion (it aims fine, but it should have been better)

FAQ (in no particular order)

Q.	 -MG42 bipod mismatch ?
A. 	-this happends sometimes to some people, still haven't figured out why, sorry I cannot help you with this unless there I get a really good bug report.
	Set developer to 1 and open the console fullscreen and if you are lucky you get a list with files and lines that caused the bug (send me that info)
	It might have something to do with the custom map you are playing, make sure everybody has the same map+mod installed the same way.
	Make sure you got both modern weapons files (mod.ff & modern_1-0.iwd copied to the map you are playing)

Q.	 -Server script compile error?
A. 	This happends in version 1.1 when you use a no-dvd file, just update to 1.3 and you should be fine, if that don't work,
	I could be a bastard and tell you to buy the game, but I know how things are and I made a little patch for this.
	It's in the "" unzip it into the modern weapons folder but only if you play this mod solo. 
	(when you want to play coop you need to remove the file from the folder or you'll get weird bugs)

Q.	-I get the standard weapons of COD5/CODWaW why?
A.	-You didn't install your mod correctly or you didn't launch it (make sure you and the host launched the mod)

Q.	-I can't make it work.
A.	-These kind of dumb questions will not be answered, I'm not a psychi, so tell me what happends, when and where etc.

Q.	-Can I get this on my Wii, PS2, XBOX360 or PS3?
A.	-Do you have a brain? NO, you can't!! (and no you can't use a transfer thingy to get this on your console either)

Q.	-Does this work on other maps?
A.	-You didn't read this readme did you?? Yes you can. no go and read the whole readme

Q.	-I can't see, there is weird stuff in my face.
A.	-Clean you monitor, no seriously, you did something to the mod.ff or it's corrupt.

Q.	-When I play the game I have no ammo and I keep on reloading.
A.	-Make sure the host is running the mod and make sure you both have the same version of the mod.

Q.	-The "Weapon name here" doesn't look or act the same as in COD4
A.	-Get over it you baby, this is not COD4, I tried to get as close to it as I could, can't get any better OK?!?!

Q.	-I can't see the modern weapons mod in the mod list
A.	-I cant help it if you are too noob to install a mod correctly.

Q.	-Can you teach me how to make a mod like this.
A.	-I'm not really that good a teacher nor a social person, besides, I don't have the patience, 
	just read some tutorials or ask around on the customcod forum.

Q.	-I don't like the new ascend & salvation chalk and what does deedeedee means?
A.	-Deedeedee!! that means you!! and if you don't like them, grow up!!

Q.	-I typed /map nazi_zombie_prototype and I still get the normal map, your mod don't work.
A.	-1st of all, you piss me of here, learn the freaking difference between a map and a mod, this is NOT a map. Now eat shit and die.

Q.	-Why didn't you add "weapon name here" to the mod, I always used/loved it in COD4.
A.	-It's a shit load of work to add a weapon and the prototype map don't let me add more, so this is the max, don't whine about more weapons. I added the once I thought would be cool.

Q.	-I got the steam version and I can't get the mod to load.
A.	-That's what you get when you are too lazy to go to the retailer/store. Steam version somehow can't handle mods, I would ask my money back if I were you.

Q.	-I still found some weapons from CODWaW/COD5 while playing the mod
A.	-I did not replace all weapons of the game, the once that would still be used today or which give a nice variaty to the weapons are still in there.

Q.	-Why is this FAQ so long?
A.	-Cause there are so many people who don't read this readme and ask retarted questions, not you, you are cool. ^^

That's what I know about, please tell me if you find any other bugs.
Leave me a message (PM) at or if you find anything.


Thanks to:

Corey - for helping me with whatever trouble I ran into, testing and keeping me motivated
SDP - for helping me testing from time to time.
Customcod - for the help they gave and getting me into contact with Corey & other mappers/modders. ^^
CODNerd - for calling me a liar & testing
Everybody who loved and thanked me for the beta release and will for this release.


Well, have fun and tell me if you liked it.

Greetz. Way2Evil


ps. here is the list of weapons that are in there now:

-USP .45
-Desert Eagle
-M82A Barrett .50 cal
-Frag grenade
-M4M203  (M4 with grenade launcher)
-Winchester 1200
-Secret Raygun replacement
-Secret Deathcard replacement

Bonus weapons: (will work in prototype map, but might not be included in other maps)


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