Nazi Zombie Western



Nazi_Zombie_Western is a extra large zombie map this map is packed to the max with custom textures and content. Your starting area is my 3 playable buildings a stable, blacksmith shop and barn in these building are a pistol and some bolt action rifles with bayonets.

The next area has 3 buyable buildings a church, saloon,and market the market is 2 stores in one building a butcher shop with a grocery store also. After you explore this area you will open another blocker yet that takes you to another buyable building the jail there is also a train station that is playable here,and a bank across the street that is not.

There is a Hidden area in this map known as the CRYPT here you will find the ray gun and bone walls and pillars.



5 years ago

I vaguely recall playing this map, wished the Steam workshop was around then because so many maps are scattered around and some just may be lost.