Zombie Chicken Taco Mod 2: Modern Weapons

ZCT_Mod2_MW.zip —


The Zombie Chicken Taco Mod has undergone a complete overhaul, with the entire personality system rewritten. Brought to you by the twisted minds of the ZCT team, the ZCT Mod is now bigger, harder, and more badass than before, bringing an experience that will challenge even the most seasoned of Nazi Zombies players. Courtesy of Way2Evil, the ZCT mod now also features modern weapons, giving you new toys to send the undead back where they came from.

Like with the previous Zombie Chicken Taco Mod, this is a drop in mod for maps based on the Prototype mod with a mod.ff file size of 1KB or less. Copy the mod.ff and .iwd file from the folder, and paste it onto any Prototype based map. To play solo, type in "map [mapname]" on the console. And this time, you can play on Nacht der Untoten with this mod!



Zombie Chicken Taco Mod 2: Modern Weapons


ZCT_Mod has undergone a complete overhaul, the entire personality system has been rewritten.

Now with:

-9 Personalities ( Weak, Normal, Strong, Distortion, Stalker, Phaze Shifters, Teleporters, Field Effect And Teleporting 
Phaze Shifters )

-10 Perks ( Sleight of Hand, Doubletap, Increased Melee Damage,Increased Bullet Damage, Increased Endurance, 
Quick Revive/Second Chance, Fast Rebuild, Self Defence, Ammo Regeneration, Armour Regeneration )

-Armour system implemented ( No more juggernaut,you start with 100 Health/100 Armour just like the good old days and 
Armour Regen replaces Jugger perk but at a more reasonable rate )

-Modern Weapons ( Courtesy of Way2Evil )

There is more, but I really can't remember ( or just don't want to say   :-X )

Installation Instructions
Copy the IWD and Mod.FF into any prototype based map that has a mod.ff of < 1Kb.

Make sure any other mods ( ZCT_Mod, TD, Gamblers Ruin or Modern Weapons ) are not in that folder.

To run the mod on it's own, copy the entire folder into your mods folder.

Known Issue 
Players seem highly reflective, please turn off specular ( in console, r_specular 0 ) this will get rid of the wet look.

This mod has been tested as thoroughly as possible, if you notice any bugs, please let me know and I'll try to address 

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