Zombie Chicken Taco Mod V1.6



The original Zombie Chicken Taco gameplay mod (up to V1.6) by the ZCT team. This is a drop in mod to add the gameplay style that is in ZCT Map Pack 1 to maps based on the Prototype mod with a mod.ff file size of 1KB or less. Copy the mod.ff and .iwd file from the folder, and paste it onto any Prototype based map. To play solo, type in "map [mapname]" on the console.



ZCT Mod – Building You Map To Enable The Features

So, you like the mod, you love the perks, but where the hell are the turrets and barriers and why can’t I get water sheeting to work.

Well, life just got a bit easier for you.  I’ve included some prefabs in here that will help you on your way.  They contain all the information required to set up any scripted items.  

The directory structure in the zip file (this should be unpacked into map_source/_prefabs )


 	 level_2-4, 		These are Difficulty triggers, once touched, they increase the difficulty, place them in key areas
\ powerups
\buyable_perks, 	Buy triggers for the various perks
	\defence		Prefabs for Turrets and Barricades
	\disable_perks		Script_structs that disable perks from being dropped
	\disable_powerups	Script_structs that disable certain powerups from dropping
Teleport_spawner		Recommended  for teleport zombies, if not in map, they will take the last spawner added to the map.
Watersheet			Water sheet effect.

Other than that, just drop the mod into your existing NON-VERRUCKT mod folder (make sure mod.ff is ~ 768 bytes if using an older map).

Mod Created by [ZCT]Wizzard~Of~Ozz , Art and FX by [ZCT]X8105

Visit us at http://zombiechickentaco.com

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