Zombie Chicken Taco Unreleased Map Pack 2



The unreleased map pack from the minds of Zombie Chicken Taco. Intended as an expansion to their first map pack, Map Pack 2 features the ZCT Mod 2 that includes new perks, new Zombie personalities, and modern weapons (Courtesy of Way2Evil). Being unreleased, the only two maps in this pack, ZCT Cathedral and ZCT Blizzard Shack, are unpolished and have issues that can interrupt the experience. As the map pack was never finished so to say, what could have been the finalized expansion to Map Pack 1 may never see the light of day. Regardless, enjoy what is currently in this unfinished map pack.



ZombieChickenTaco Mappack 1 Expansion Pack (Alternatively known as the Unreleased Map Pack 2)


In the later part of the war, with numbers of dedicated soldiers being a concern, the Nazi scientists began poking around 
at bringing their fallen heroes back, to fight again. Just as success was reached, disaster struck resulting in a 
catastrophic cross contamination. The mix of research resulted in some odd phenomenon being reported in the area. Your 
team was sent in to find out what the phenomenon is….

Map 5: ZCT Mappack 1 Expansion - ZCT Cathedral

After not hearing back from the whole battalion for five days, all members MIA, presumed dead. Delta company sent out by 
ship to check on the reported phenomenon and report back any contact with Bravo team. A large storm in the ocean caused 
Delta company's ship to be pushed off course. Delta Company was forced to come to shore, but they didn't know what they 
would meet once they got there, something they could never imagine.

Map Features:

Large Map
Zone triggered zombie difficulty 
Zoned spawning 
Turret support
Large areas to explore.

Map 6: ZCT Mappack 1 Expansion - ZCT Blizzard Shack

Bravo team has been holding out in desert shack for seven months now, and during this time they have built on to the 
shack, but now they face a new threat, an intense blizzard.

Map Features:

Close quarters 
Limited visibility 
Turret support

Map Pack Features:

This an extremely detailed expansion pack with custom FX, textures and sounds. The mod enables some verruckt features 
without the issues of using verruckt scripts. (Animations, water sheeting effect, attacks, and perks.)

ZombieChickenTaco Mappack 1 Expansion Pack Includes ZCT Mod 2 MW

ZCT Mod 2 MW Features:

* Now with

- 9 Personalities ( Weak, Normal, Strong, Distortion, Stalker, Phaze Shifters, Teleporters, Field Effect And Teleporting 
Phaze Shifters ) 
- 10 Perks ( Sleight of Hand, Doubletap, Increased Melee Damage, Increased Bullet Damage, Increased Endurance, Quick 
Revive/Second Chance, Fast Rebuild, Self Defence, Ammo Regeneration, Armour Regeneration ) 
- Armour system implemented ( No more juggernaut, you start with 100 Health/100 Armour just like the good old days and 
Armour Regen replaces Jugger perk but at a more reasonable rate ) 
- Modern Weapons ( Courtesy of Way2Evil ) There is more, but I really can't remember ( or just don't want to say )

Known Issue

Players seem highly reflective, please turn off specular in console, ( r_specular 0 ) this will get rid of the wet look.


This mod has been tested as thoroughly as possible, if you notice any bugs, please let me know and I'll try to address 
them. Wizzard~Of~Ozz *

Icon Legend by x8105 

Notes from WoO:

I’ve tried balancing out the perks with difficulty; I feel I have hit a happy median, during testing we could only get to 
level 18. There are no unfair health bonuses given to zombies making them tanks in normal game play, nor have I altered 
the round based method of the game or the intelligence (no grenade awareness or such).


[ZCT] X8105 (Chris Love) – Maps, FX, Graphics and Sounds
[ZCT] Wizzard~Of~Ozz (Mike Craft) – Scripting and Menu Modifications
[ZCT] Vixen – DollHouse
[ZCT] LazyOne – Videos 
[ZCT] Ottawolf – Extensive testing, x3-X4 Radiant Prefabs, input and general encouragement.
[ZCT] CoDMapper (Joseph Tyler Racey) - Cathedral, Blizzard Shack. X8 helped 

Installation Instructions:

Extract to--If the [ /mods ] folder does not exist, Create it. 

(XP) C:/Documents and Settings/YOUR_PROFILE/Local Settings/Application Data/Activision/CoDWaW/mods 
(vista) C:/Users/YOUR_PROFILE/AppData/Local/Activision/CoDWaW/mods 

Note - Loading ZCT Cathedral for SP does require console, type this in console (~) once mod is loaded without quotations 
- "devmap nazi_zombie_zct_mp2_3"

Note - Loading ZCT Blizzard Shack for SP does require console, type this in console (~) once mod is loaded without q
uotations - "devmap nazi_zombie_zct_mp2_4"

Made by ZombieChickenTaco.com.

WARNING: ZCT Cathedral will crash the game (or black screen your desktop if using map instead of devmap) after going
through the game over screen. Be sure to quit the game and launch the map again if you want to play again. -GuyNamedErick

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