A few Server Update plus CoDFiles.com Gets a Teamspeak Server! Read now!

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Published by AndrewD 15 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Hey there soldiers! Well well well, what a week for the server! We have had many guests, and many visitors join this week, and boy have we had some fun! The community should really stop by and try the server out! You dont know what your missing! I have added another 4 custom maps to the server, all in the name of great custom maps! Now that there are 10 custom maps, I will be zipping them all up and putting them on the site for you to download, so that you to can play on the official server! Here are the 4 latest additions:
  • Severnaya Bunker
  • MoH Bridge
  • MP_Bunker
  • MP_Barn
      So look for that map-pack tonight, as it will be in a zip-file! We hope that you enjoy it! Ok, here ya go, you can download the map-pack now! CodFiles.com Official Map-Pack #2: CLICK HERE!!! Now, of course we always want to offer more new then old, so I now present to you the Official CoDFiles.com TEAMSPEAK SERVER! I spoke to ETgamehosting recently, and they offered to host a 20-person teamspeak server for us! So, we sent a few email back and fourth, and you will now notice their affilates button to the right. Please go check them out, they offer some great hosting plans on game and voice servers! Thanks ET! Here is the info to the Teamspeak Server, as well as the rules: Server Name-CoDFiles.com Official Teamspeak IP Address- RULES:
      • Respect your admins as you would anywhere else.
      • Profanity is not tolerated. Keep it PG-13, we want the site rules to carry over to the servers.
      • You may create channels, but please note they are not registered.
      • Go to the respective channel for the respective purpose. Dont go to the Official Gaming channel to talk about news and files.
      Thats all, now please, head over to the game server, power up your teamspeak, and get ready to game the way it should be! Thanks for the teamspeak server ETgamehosting and as always, thanks to SB Hosting Solutions for the server. Check out the ServerShots Server Status Monitor below and go frag on! See ya on the front soldiers!
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