A Little CoDFiles Server Story + First Server Rules

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Hi everybody! As you may or may not have noticed, CoDFiles has two gaming servers now. I played on the CoD one today and I was "woooow"! No lag! But then came disappointment. I was playing on the server as CoDFiles|mulrich, clearly indicating I was staff at CoDFiles. Then came the player "Unknown Soldier". As soon as I spotted this name, I asked him politely to change his name. He did not listen. A few seconds later I ran by him. He spotted me and immidiatly started shooting at me, although it was clearly shown that the server had reflect team damage on (it's TDM, you know). "Unknown Soldier" died. He then respawned and what does he do? He unloads his magazine on me again...and he dies. I then asked him to stop doing that and to please change his name. Again, he didn't. A few minutes later, I was getting impatient and started to get angry. Was this guy really this stupid? I am a staffer at CoDFiles. Why does he not listen to me? He is on the CoDFiles CoD Server, he is forced to listen to me. Yet another 20 minutes passed and the guy started to show clear signs of idiocy, by repeating the attempts to kill any player he met and the failing of listening to me. So now you ask: "Why does our dear mulrich post this as a news item?". I hear you cry. Well, the things I experienced today have already formed three very obvious rules for you to follow:
1. Never play as "Unknown Soldier". Change your name into something personal (preferable your CoDFiles username :)) 2. Do not team kill intentionally. 3. Always listen to staff of CoDFiles. Failing to comply with stuff they say to you will result in you being kicked.
That's it so far. More may be added. ~mulrich
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