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Well today we got an e-mail for a new server browser that's now available. It's up to the file posters if they want to put this up on the website or not, but I'll post news about it and an off-site link to it.
AGE ReLoaded v2.0 is a server browser for Windows (TM) XP/2000, it allows to scan game servers by sending a small piece of code via UDP to the IP:Port of the server, in order to that, this one response and the incoming event is decoded and parsed.
That's what it does/is, and here a list of games it works for:
Alien vs Predator 2 America's Army BattleField 1942 C&C Renegade Call Of Duty Codename Eagle Counter-Strike Steam Day of Defeat Steam Death Match Classic Steam Deus Ex Global Operations Gore Half Life & Mods Half-Life Steam Halo Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Kingpin Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Medal of Honor: Breakthrough Medal of Honor: SpearHead No One Lives Forever 2 Opposing Force Steam Quake 2 Quake 3 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Ricochet Steam Rune Savage Serious Sam Serious Sam 2 Shogo Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune 2 ST: Bridge Commander ST: Elite Force ST: Elite Force 2 TeamFortress Classic Steam Unreal Tournament Unreal Tournament 2003 UT2k4 Vietcong Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Nice little program we have now don't we! Oh, before I forget... you can get it here!
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