And also welcome hosted site Swlf Studios!

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Please welcome [url="http://swlfstudios.codfiles.com"]Swlf Studios[/url]! To quote them [quote]This is the website I have made to house my CoD videos. I currently have 1 CoD video and I am working on 2 more. Check out the video and send comments to me. Also check out my clan website and my hosters website. Thanks to all those who have helped me and all those who did not know they were helping me. Remember to check back frequently as to see my new releases and even if you do not like my first one wait untill I get better to judge me. Also, please do send comments as to how I can improve my site and make my movies better and more enjoyable to watch, so just dont send me 50 emails saying you hated it, at least tell me why.[/quote]Currently we're hosting his first movie [file="21563"]here[/file]. It´s definately not the best one ever made to be honest but Swlf has the video editing skills so I´m sure he´ll start pumping out better and better movies from this point on! Welcome as a hosted site Swlf and fellaz, swing by at http://swlfstudios.codfiles.com

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